Tuesday, November 18, 2014

{Around the House} ~ Amish Quilt: a gift from Mr. Husband's parents many years ago

A while back I heard Mr. Husband 
mention that his parents had
given him a quilt to celebrate his 
long years of scholastic achievement and completion.
That this quilt was made by the Amish in Wisconsin
and was subtle,
trompe l'oeil ... you either see it all or
see nothing but a blue sheet...perhaps 
seeing that is a quilted blue blanket...

Subtle it is but sublime in it's 
beauty, wreathed with many flowers!

A beautiful boarder.

A Stunning Centre.

A beautiful thing for a Bridge of now
two years to discover in her husband's possessions
newly unearthed!

The artistry, the detail and design is first rate.

A lovely bedspread for winter time,
and my beloved husband's favourite colour.

I am so glad to be married to my 
beloved husband and make
a beautiful home for him!
Finding this most thoughtful gift 
from his parents was just delightful!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What a treasure!

Paula said...

Very pretty! A lot like the Welsh wholecloth quilts. I'd like to make one one of these days (http://fabadashery.blogspot.ca/2013/10/welsh-wholecloth-quilts-welsh-quilt.html)

elizabeth said...

Yes, Elizabeth, that's what I think!

Paula, wow, that's really neat! thanks for sharing that link!!

Nancy said...


Mr Husband had that beautiful quilt all that time and didn't tell you?! Is he hiding any other treasures!

Paula - thanks for the link. Wow!!! I think I found my new beautiful objet d'art to covet (cause I wasn't coveting enough as it is. Thanks for the aid to growing in sanctity)

Lisa said...


Anonymous said...

That quilt is just divine! The amount of work is staggering! I can't believe hubby forgot to mention it for so long. ;)

Nancy said...

Agreed. I think Elizabeth has the right to nurse a grudge over this until Forgiveness Sunday

Reinventing Mother said...


elizabeth said...

Nancy, That is so funny! I told my husband about holding the grudge until forgiveness Sunday and now we are using it as our latest joke :)))) you're the best :)

Now you just HAVE to start a blog to show us all your treasures!

Matushka Anna said...

How lovely!