Friday, November 28, 2014

{Preparing for Christmas} ~ our Christmas Tree came early...

While originally planning on finding a 
Christmas tree a bit later this week, 
Mr. Husband had found one in mid-November
and after I did some research 
and emails with my beloved husband,
I ordered one. 

It's fairly lovely I think, apartment sized too
is my guess and I hope to put it up 
when I planned in early December!
While some seem overwhelmed by my 2014 Nativity Planning list,
it's really a list to keep me on track
and to help me not try to do too much on one day!
I am glad that today, November 29's task, 
is already done:
"November 29: order a Christmas ornament for our Christmas tree.  Find lights to put up in our kitchen and living room."
I've been on a saga to find my coffee grinder for spices.
In this saga it has led me to overhaul and finish unpacking our closets.
Which means I know where all our Christmas things 
(including lights!) are now. 
I finally found the coffee grinder, of course it was in the very back of a kitchen cupboard...
Now I can make Christmas Tea!! 
Meanwhile, I am excited to put up our tree DV in December!


Lisa said...

Christmas tea - you reminded me that I'm out!

Apseed said...

Congratulations on your new Christmas tree! I love decorating our home for Christmas! It brings so much joy to me.