Thursday, October 09, 2014

{Our Time on Lake Michigan} ~ Planning, routines and reality

Photo from walk with Mr. Husband on a calm
beautiful day...

Photo taken on walk when the winds were 
high and Mr. Husband and I braved them
to see the lake's waves....
Many of you know that
Mr. Husband and I are planners.
We also know that plans change
quickly and that things are often out of our control.
But still, we believe in planning and are 
wired that way.
One of the things I am working on
is a schedule that will at once help me build a routine
and at the same time not be constricting,
which is a balance that is still being worked on.
Here's what this part of the meeting came up with...
Monday: rest 
(ironically this day often includes laundry and other tasks
but the focus is rest as the weekends are esp. draining for me;
I often do a lot of blogging this day).
Tuesday: day out 
(errands outside the home, visits, outside volunteering etc.)
Wednesday: paperwork afternoon
Mr. Husband at home, afternoon for me dedicated to family
paperwork tasks. This is called 'love in action' ;)
Thursday: time outside the home
visits with church family and friends, errands, etc.
Friday: church work
Sunday School and Church Bookstore tasks
Saturday and Sunday are spent doing things
as a family, around the house, going to vespers or vigil
Saturday night and Sunday liturgy and Sunday school,
with 1+ hour drive both way.
If we are lucky, we get a nap Sunday late afternoon...
I am in week one of trying to do the new schedule.
The week and schedule are pretty much off-kilter already,
with the car not starting yesterday equaling grocery shopping not done,
going to the mechanic the next day and still needing
I think the only thing I can do about this schedule
is say that these are goals of when I wish things could happen
and that reality and life often means a total shift
in schedule...


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Sounds like a great schedule.

Martha said...

So beautiful. It looks chilly though. We are going up that way soon...I hope to see Lake Michigan, too.

Apseed I said...

Very beautiful photos!!! And I like your schedule. I like that it simple and not overcrowded.
I also like schedules, but right now it's a little bit trickier:)

E Helena E said...

Gorgeous photos! I understand about the schedules and the desire for them.
Love and hugs.

GretchenJoanna said...

A schedule is very valuable even when you can't keep it half the time, because it gives you something *to go back to*. Yours sounds very reasonable, alternating busy days outside with quieter ones to rest up on. So I hope you can go back to it again and again!

Michelle M. said...

The photos are beautiful! I hope the new schedule brings more peace to your week!