Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Oma's Blankets

For years I had this blanket, and the ladybug
pillow that you see the top of.
It was not until I started knitting
that I really feel I saw what I had
in my Oma's blankets.
The one above is such a delightful bright
use of colours in seed stitch,
with border that ties it together.
Someday I want to make one like this.

My blanket is really patterned
after this one.

Here is the other blanket of my Oma's I have
so cozy on my white chair;
Cleo loves both of these...

I am making progress on my blanket
and now have the pattern of colours repeating...
I am very pleased with how it is going...
A little hard to tell, but the third red that is being knitted
is the same as the first, below the middle brighter red.
I am still thinking of how I will make the border...


October Rose said...

What a treasure! I love how colorful and happy they are. :)

Matushka Anna said...

Such happy colors! And cats and knitting - what better? :)

Carol Federoff said...

I adore the blankets AND CLEO!!!

karen said...

wow you've made some progress and I love how you have some heirlooms :) Sweet! I saved everything that my mother and MIL made for me or the kids!

Sara said...

Wow, your Oma's blanket in seed stitch with all those stripes truly is a labor of love. I know enough about knitting to know how labor intensive it is to knit one, purl one ad infinitum to make a seed stitch! A blanket requires a lot more of that than say, a baby's sweater or a knitted hat. What a treasure you have there.

Lisa said...

Where has the week gone, and you've put up all these posts, and I've missed them?
Your Oma's blankets look very thick and warm - so pretty! Your own is going to have a border all around? Red, I think, because it's nice and bright. (my opinion.)

Nice poem, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Oma's blanket is a treasure indeed.
She would be thrilled to see your knitting progress so well!

Heather LeFebvre said...

wow! What beautiful blankets and so much work to do seed stitch for the whole thing!!!