Friday, October 17, 2014

{Our time on Lake Michigan} ~ Chocolate Chip Cookies

First, an easy GF brownie from this mix.
These brownies were quite enjoyed by many!

About 5 of the nieces and nephews made
my now near famous chocolate chip cookies
that I have made for Pascha for many years.
I always get asked for the recipe.
I was thinking about this recipe
during our vacation week and realized 
that one of the tricks of my recipe,
since it is from a standard cookbook,
is that I merely role the cookies in my hand,
they even have ridges where my fingers were;
I do not make them uniform, or into small balls or
moreover and most importantly, 
I don't smooth them into a flat cookie before baking.
I think that mine are made with lots of vertical width to them,
as it were, is why they are so good;
mine are not dried out but a more almost moist butter rich cookie.
Everyone that has had them loves them.
It was really fun to bake with the munchkins! 
I had a nephew, D., ask me the first day if he could make
these cookies with acorns he found, opened and chopped
the nutmeat part from.
So we did, making sure no shells were in with them,
and it was really good; had a hard to describe
wonderful savory taste, like a memory of salt with just the 
right amount of sweetness.


Sara said...

Chocolate chip cookies are my favorites; and especially big, soft chewy ones as these appear to be! No wonder you are famous for them. They do look scrumptious. I need to check my (very) old Betty Crocker cookbook and see if it has the same recipe.

karen said...

hmmm, I am lazy and I spread the cookies out on one sheet and cut them when they are done. I would eat them any way I can get them though. My sister is GF and she has some tasty treats that I love to eat :)