Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Last Plum Torte of Summer...

This has to be one of the easiest recipes I've ever
done for a lovely dessert...
made in the last week of summer...
before autumn took hold on Sept 23rd...

So quickly done in the mixer!

I found that the fruit was taking the finish
off my spring form pans so this foil put on first
did the trick!

Used my 8 inch this time as I had fewer plums...

Need slightly less sugar next time...always 
use lots of cinnamon! 

Worked well!

A thicker torte,
having it in the smaller pan with same amount of 
batter but less plums...

It was lovely!
I think in general I will keep doing it in my 
bigger 10 inch spring form pan and more plums
but it was great to have one last plum torte for 
summer's end! 


Anna said...

Snap! My post for today is also about a seasonal fruit cake recipe. This looks delicious, and very pretty.

Michelle M. said...

That looks so delicious!!