Friday, October 03, 2014

{Our Time in PEI} ~ St. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church

Mr. Husband and I,
while we were in PEI,
had the pleasure of being at the one
Orthodox church on the Island:

It is a lovely church and I can tell how much
personal effort, time and attention the
beautifying of this Orthodox Temple has took
and is continuing to take. 

The iconostasis is really beautiful;
my pictures do not do it justice.
and the blue....very beautiful... the liturgical colour 
for the Mother of God... it was so fitting that
we were there during the (new calendar) Dormition Fast
and went to their paraklesis service as well
as liturgy on Sunday.

Icons truly enliven a space and it was wonderful to
see this church adorned with so many!

The Mother of God.

St. Stephen the first martyr.


Saints Peter and Paul.

St. Elizabeth the New Martyr,
this is the second icon I've seen with St. Elizabeth
in traditional black monastic clothes;
the other one being in my church in Ottawa...
If you are ever visiting PEI,
I do encourage you to go to this lovely church!
I found myself and Mr. Husband warmly welcomed
and it is a lovely place to pray!


October Rose said...

So beautiful! I really have been enjoying your pictures of PEI.

Matushka Anna said...

So glad to hear there's an Orthodox church there! I really didn't know that. The iconography on the iconostasis is just beautiful.

Martha said...

The iconostasis is lovely...I think our church needs better lighting on the iconostasis, because we have 4 beautiful icons that were hand-painted by Fr. Theodore Jurewicz!

Apseed I said...

What a beautiful church!