Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Canadian Thanksgiving ~ Year 3 with family and rejoicing

Mr. Husband and I met in person
the first time three years ago
on the weekend of 
(Canadian) Thanksgiving.
That Thanksgiving my godson was born,
he turned 3 this year...
This Thanksgiving weekend Mr. Husband and I
our god daughter V.
My dear cousin H and her son W were 
with us for the baby's first communion
and then on Monday we made a 
lovely Thanksgiving Meal!

Jiffy corn bread muffins,
Stuffing from mix, Cranberry Sauce from cans,
Organic corn, beans from my parents-in-law's garden,
gravy from chicken juices from chicken,
applesauce that my parents made, mashed potatoes...
water and hard cider for the adults...

Blue and white dishes, our silver, the usual dishes 
that I get out for beautiful meals...

It was a very good and savoured meal.

My cousin H not only did a lion share of 
the work but she brought this wonderful apple butter
which we enjoyed on the corn bread!

 We all went around and talked about what we were thankful for.

The Lampadas by the icons were all lit.

My cousin said she is making this
cranberry yam dish again!

A lovely meal...

And wonderful apple pie that my cousin baked
with French Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert!
It was a wonderful Thanksgiving meal!


matushka constantina said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Paula said...

Looks like a beautiful meal. Shared with family makes it even better.

October Rose said...

It looks wonderful! I will have to try the yams with cranberries recipe sometime. Happy Thanksgiving. :)