Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Many beautiful things ~ Christmas, Princeton, Friends, Beauty and a good Dinner

I've been talking about Christmas
for a good month already.
Of the (artificial, allergies and 
practicalities necessitate) 
Christmas Tree
I hope to get and have by our bay window...
Actually I thought of that before we even bought the house,
back in March :)
Today I worked on a 2014 Nativity plan...
like I did last year, I've decided that Nov 15,
the beginning of the Advent/Nativity Fast for 
my new calendar friends and family,
is when I will publish this list, which I consider
now to be my annual list...
It's exciting to be building family traditions like this,
and I admit that Christmas is one of my most beloved times...
my Grandma's too... she and I were already talking last week
about how she hopes to get her tree up shortly after 
this past weekend Mr. Husband and I were in Princeton.

Cleo missed us but was well cared for as usual.
(though I changed her water bowls last night and forgot 
to add water to the new bowl and felt horrible about that :( ).
I met a new friend who has a remarkable amount of
similarities to me in interests, reading and crafting.
So that was cool.
I drove only a very little bit but hope to drive more again soon.
I saw another few friends as well 
and visited a lovely knitting store.
And then at church I was given a gift of yarn and some 
crochet hooks!
So hope to learn how to crochet at some point...
I've been wanting to (and also learn to quilt/sew) but it will take time...
things are so busy...
I am one that has more ideas for things than time.
And, then there's Sunday School lessons that I need to work on yet...
things have been going great with that though;
I come back after being gone for 3 Sundays,
2 of those Sundays being taught with lessons I wrote and posted
before I left and the kids are getting out the 
komboskinis and praying the Jesus Prayer before I even said,
let's pray the Jesus Prayer now!
I love my Sunday School kids... :)
So more Pictures of Princeton,
whose beauty I love and whose pictures of the chapel

It was such a sunny beautiful day.
Mr. Husband had work that day so I played 
Princeton tourist and went around by myself,
taking myself first to the chapel...

See the man walking to the right...
gives a sense of how large this chapel is!

I can never resist taking pictures...

It is such a lovely place to be in,
to pray....

I met two new friends, a couple,
in Princeton and had a very lovely 
lunch with them and then
time talking with the wife of the couple for
an enjoyable afternoon of tea, 
talk of books, crafting and the like.

We stopped by Princeton and went to 
the yarn shop,
seeing the window shop lovely antiques on the way.

And this was a dazzling blanket at the yarn shop!
Afterwards we went out for (vegan for me) ice cream
as it was a Friday of ordinary time (which means a fast day).
So it was a lovely day.
Today Mr. Husband has the severe sniffles/cold
and I made two pots of tea for him tonight...
And I made a really easy chicken dish:
Flour, salt, pepper, garlic powder in a bag for shake and baking the chicken,
pan fry for light browning,
then put in coconut oiled pan and more coconut oil on top and bake
about 20 minutes or less on 425 F (I was using boneless chicken thighs
which were not overly thick).
Will try to post recipe on this soon...
But for now it is time to close with hope 
for a fun yarn along day tomorrow!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Glorious photos!

Apseed I said...

Can't wait to see your Nativity plan!