Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Leaving Lake MI

 Mr. Husband and I had a longish family meeting 
on our last full day of our family reunion; 
our life at home is very busy and 
there are things we are constantly behind on; 
it's a reality of the things, not a complaint.
But we are trying to plan how to make
things work better, not knowing what 
may be thrown our way;
two years ago the huge unexpected was me having mono;
this past year it was our move;
both took a lot of time to 'recover' from and were out of our control.
That's the nature of how this life is,
we make plans but plans often change and there's nothing we can do about it.
Yet, planning is good as far as it can be;
for trying at least to see what we want to do, what priorities
we have, what we hope to spend our lives doing or becoming.
Yet I think of a friend who had so many resolutions and 
the unexpected happens ~ like all the kids getting really sick or some other
sorrow that life has within it.

The most important thing it seems though is to 
pray and seek to have a realistic prayer time that we do 
on a consistent basis.
I remember one of my roommates in undergrad who did very well academically
saying that the only thing in the day that really matters is 
if we spent time with God that day.
I think we can add to this only on thing:
did we love those we were given to love within this day.
Love of God and love of others
is really the only two things 
we must resolve to do...

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