Friday, October 10, 2014

Meanwhile.... many sweet things in life coming!

This Saturday Mr. Husband and I are 
becoming godparents to a beautiful baby girl.
We have a blanket, icon, cute kids prayer book,
book for parents, ready.
Reception desserts ready to be ordered;
gown, cross and candles covered.
Then Saturday night God-willing my cousin H and her son W
are coming for Canadian Thanksgiving!
We planned this months ago and now it is almost here!
We saw them last in PEI...
Meal will be simpler this year:
What I wrote my cousin:
 I am thinking of doing a crockpot chicken
(prepared on Sunday night) (roasted at end after it is in the crockpot), 
stuffing (premade but good), cranberry sauce, 
a pie...
 apple sauce and beans that we have canned, etc. 
 A lot of this I hope to have before hand and ready to go.  
My idea is that if the dinner will be really good but easy to assemble 
(considering it is Thanksgiving Dinner). 
Sunday night: 
I am thinking it will be apple pie with
apples sliced night before and stored.
See here for storing apples.
Prepping yams and chicken also will done Sunday night.
Monday we will heat/cook on stove top:
~corn (organic frozen)
~canned beans
Crock pot by 8 AM:
Take pizza stone out of oven.
Beginning at 2 pm, in oven by 3 pm, 
Put cranberry sauce from can in 
appropriate bowls and store in fridge.
At 4:30 pm prep for apple pie
At 5:45 put chicken into oven to brown and
yams to warm.
Edited to add: about this time make mashed potatoes with butter!
Possible Jiffy Corn Bread to bake here also!
Set the table if not set already.
Put toaster oven to warming setting.
At 6 pm check chicken, put in warmed toaster oven if 
in danger of over baking.
At 6 pm cook corn and beans in separate pots on stove,
add salt and pepper, butter as needed.
6:15 take yams out and keep warm with towels.
6:20 put apple pie in to bake.
Thanksgiving Dinner at 6:30
Dessert of hot apple pie and French Vanilla Ice cream at 7:30


E Helena E said...

Praying for you as godparents and for this precious baby girl. Many years to all!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Every blessing to you both as you stand as godparents to a brand-new Handmaiden of Christ!

Michelle M. said...

Sounds like a lovely time to be had!

Lisa said...

It all sounds lovely and well-planned!

GretchenJoanna said...

How did it go? Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds delicious. Many years to you both and to your goddaughter!

elizabeth said...

Gretchen-Joanna: the baptism went well! will update later this week!!!