Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Driving, driving... until the car would not budge!

I drove over 300 miles in Michigan and
am much more comfortable driving again
after 10 years...
Today I went driving in our local town here in NJ
and went to the mall...
when I got out from the mall, paid for parking (it's not free here,
too urban for free parking anywhere), and 
did all that one does to go to the next place...
GPS, prayers, paying attention...
ready set GO!
and I did not go...the gas pedal did not respond
and felt like it was totally limp, I could put the 
pedal to the floor and nothing.

Dashboard lights went on.
I know I did not leave car lights on or indoor car lights.
We don't know why it happened.
Mr. Husband left work early as the car service we have
was in his name only (we are fixing that ASAP!)
and he tried turning it on once and nothing but lots of lights 
lit up on the dashboard
(it always started for me) but the second time
it ran just fine, no 'check me quick' lights on the dash board.
Very strange.
We drove home no problem... but why all the earlier problems?
So we are calling our mechanic tomorrow to do a
diagnostic check, etc.
It was wonderful to tell my Dad about it too and have him
agree that it better be checked out.
One of our friends said,
now you have a car with personality! :)
I am very grateful for my husband for being so kind
as to get me.
It was the first time I drove 'solo' in 10 years so the car
not starting was a bit of a bummer for me!
But I have started
and by God's mercy will continue driving!
Thanking God for His mercy and for my husband! 


Matushka Anna said...

Sorry it wouldn't start! I had one horrible "adventure" many years ago when the accelerator got stuck while I was using the cruise control. The car just kept going faster and faster. I was forced to use the brake and the engine didn't like it. I barely managed to avoid several accidents and very late in the game it switched off and I finished driving to work normally (the last 5 blocks or so). This is very unlikely to ever happen to you, but if it does, someone told me to switch the car into neutral. Sigh. Wish I'd known!

GretchenJoanna said...

I love that: A car with personality :-)
The first time I borrowed my husband's car, before we were even engaged, I was so nervous about driving the manual transmission that I locked the keys in the car at the grocery store and he had to have his roommate drive him over to unlock for me. These trials of love...