Thursday, September 16, 2010

On and on it goes

Life sure can be full of a lot of the same;
looking and waiting...
I have at least 2.5 more weeks of waiting to hear about the job
from what I was told.
It is hard to keep applying to more jobs;
it is inwardly tiring.
One of those days where it feels like everything was begun
but nothing finished.
Making meatloaf
but also Dutch meatball soup
and found out belatedly that I am out of carrots and celery.
Not much to do with soup without these!
Almost done with edit three of a cover letter;
I need to kick it back into gear
as they say.
I have enjoyed all the comments about my Akathist post.
I sent some to a friend who read my post
I LOVE information and resource sharing
and who would not love sharing prayers!!
One of the hardest things about being in the
in-between jobs situation
is that one cannot just go buy whatever they see or want
even when it comes to Orthodox books, Akathists or Icons;
though perhaps for me I should write Especially when
it has to do with these things!
I haven't shown you all the Icon of St. Katherine that I go while
at the monastery yet, have I?!
If you recall I sold some books for cash and the icon was one of the
things I got in return...
Note to self: photograph icon and blog picture.
I hope you are all having a most wonderful end to a day
where you know that God is with you,
no matter what is going on
for you
right now.
Again, if anyone wants an Akathist, please let me know
in the comment box or email me
your request
(see email in last comment tread).
I'm a librarian and I am happy to share.
God is good to us and He is with us.


margaret said...

Cleo must be very, very happy to have you home again. Miss Tilney and Miss Darcy send meows and Mr Bingley is still convinced she must be his Canadian cousin.

elizabeth said...

Yes, I think Cleo is glad to have me home again! Boy did she meow a lot when I returned!! Yes, she could be a Canadian cousin of Mr. Bingley for sure... Cleo sends a paw shake and many meows back!