Monday, September 13, 2010

Trusting God At Every Step

Found out today that
I did not get the Ottawa job I applied for.
It was library-related
but not as good as the job I just flew out to interview for.
Still, it is not easy as I really love it in Ottawa.
Just being here is a delight to me.
But if God wants me to move away,
I must go.
Tomorrow I will continue job searching
in and outside of Ottawa.
God is good
and I know that He does nothing
that is not for our good and salvation.
This does not mean I am emotionally numb to this process.
I have been waking around 5 AM a lot lately
which I am sure is in part because I may
be moving
and my life is in transition.
This however does not negate God's goodness
and kindhearted mercy.


thegeekywife said...

Been praying for you!

You do have a beautiful icon corner.

Maybe your new job will require an early start so you are waking early in preparation for that?

mamajuliana said...

I am keeping you in prayer. Transition is so difficult-uncertainty even more difficult. Lord have mercy.

Emily H. said...

Oh, that really does stink when you get turned down for a job. :(

I have my own interview today for a day care teaching position.

Let's keep each other in our prayers for positive outcomes to interviews!

Meadowlark Days said...

Prayers for your job search! I agree that icons are a comfort to have nearby. I like the way you have yours arranged.

RW said...

glad to see your little corner of the world.

elizabeth said...

thanks everyone for your encouragement and prayers!

Icons are such blessings to us! we are so fortunate...