Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Collecting of Akathists

I am slowly working on more
job applications.
However most of today was spent getting my house in order again.
When one comes back from vacation and lunges immediately
into huge interview preparations,
the house gets a bit neglected!
I am working on compiling, printing and putting into a binder
all of the Akathists that I have.
I have scoured the Internet for Akathists,
finding a good many here, and here, and here
not to mention the wonderful Akathists
who is the priest who introduced me to Akathists through
preaching on one
while I was worshipping at St. Herman's
in the early days of my journey into the Orthodox Church.
So I have over 60 Akathists so far!
I know, that is a lot.
But I am still missing ones to:
St. Irene of Chrystovolantou
St. Katherine the Great Martyr
St. Barbara the Great Martyr
In time I hope to go to
St. Nectarios Press and get printed copies of prayers that
as well as to St. John of Kronstadt Press,
and this book,
But I cannot spend a lot of money on this right now!
If anyone knows where to find the Akathists I am missing
(esp. if they are freely available)
Please let me know!
I am going to list what I have so far below;
it's a long list so I understand if you don't read it,
but if you are looking for one that I do have
then leave me a comment and we can arrange
for you to have a copy, either a PDF or MS Word document.
I do have in printed form but not in a computer file,
Akathists to:
St. Nicholas and St. George
and the so far 6 Akathists that are in pamplet form
that include
Akathist to Jesus Conqueror of Death by St. Nikolai Velimirovich,
Akathist to the Mother of God Quick to Hear
Akathist to St. Spyridon.
Also I have some canons as well,
but perhaps that is for another post!
Here is what I have as of today:
Elizabeth's List of Akathists:

1. An Akathist Hymn to Almighty God in Times of Sorrow and Depression
2. Akathist to Jesus Light to those in Darkness
3. An Akathist in Praise of God
4. The Akathist Hymn Glory to God for All Things
5. Akathist "Glory to the God who Works Wonders"
6. Akathist to the Divine Passion of Christ
7. Akathist to our Sweetest Jesus Christ
8. Paraklesis to our Lord Jesus Christ
9. Akathist to the Life-bearing Tomb and the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ
10. Akathist to the Spiritual Ladder, the Precious Cross

11. Akathist to our Most Holy Lady, Mother of God
12. Akathist to the Most Holy Theotokos, Daughter of Zion
13. Akathist to the Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos “The Virgin of Pochaiv”
14. Akathist to the Protection of the Theotokos
15. Akathist to the Theotokos Joy of All Who Sorrow
16. Akathist Service to Our Lady of Stika
17. Akathist hymn to the Theotokos during Great Lent
18. The Service of the Great Paraklesis of the Most Holy Theotokos
19. The Service of the Small Paraklesis to the Most Holy Theotokos
20. The Veil of Our Lady Akathistos Hymn
21. Akathist to the Mother of God, Nurturer of children
22. Akathist to the Theotokos, Queen of All
23. Akathist to our Most Holy Lady before Her Icon, The Felixstowe Mother of God.
24. Akathist to the Most Holy Theotokos of the Portal of Iviron, The Portaitissa

25. Akathist to Saints Joachim and Anna
26. Akathist Hymn to the Holy Prophet David King of Israel
27. Akathist Hymn to the Juliana of Lazarevo
28. Akathist BY St. Romanos the Melodist
(2015 edit to #28 as it is one not to him but by him to the Mother of God,
I have had requests over the years for an
 Akathist TO St. Romanos the Melodist, but have not found it).
29. Akathist to St. Tikhon of Moscow
30. Akathist to All Saints of Western Europe
31. Akathist to Holy Father Paisius the Athonite
32. Akathist to our Father among the Saints Chad the Wonderworker
33. Akathist to our father among the Saints Raphael
34. Akathist to our Holy Father Guthlac of Crowland
35. Akathist to St. Ignatius Brianchaninov
36. Akathist to St. Juliana of Lazarevo
37. Akathist to St. Philaret the Merciful
38. Akathist to St. Xenia of Petersberg
39. Akathist to St. Xenia of Petersburg, Interceder for families and those needing employment
40. Akathist to St. Brenden the Voyager
41. Akathist to St. Nectarios
42. Akathist to St. Luke the Surgeon
43. Akathist to the Chinese Martyrs (1900)
44. Canon to Protomartyr Thekla
45. Akathist to St. Panteleimon
46. Akathist to St. Innocent of Moscow, Equal to the Apostles and Enlightener of North America
47. Akathist Hymn to St. Yakov
48. Akathist to St. Michael the Archangel
49. The Service of the Supplicatory Canon to St. Silouan the Athonite
50. The Akathist to St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco
51. Akathist to the Tsar Great Martyr Nicholas Emperor of All Russia
52. Akathist to St. Arseny of Winnipeg
53. Akathist to St. Herman
54. Akathist to St. Herman (by Fr. Lawrence Farely)
55. Akathist for the Repose of Those Who Have Fallen Asleep
56. Akathist to Saint Elizabeth, Grand Dutchess and Passionbearer
57. Akathist to the Martyr Saints of the Boxer Rebellion
58. Akathist to Saint Nilus, Wonderworker of Sora
59. Akathist to our Holy Father Guthlac of Crowland
60. Akathist to the Holy Confessor Alexis of Carpatho-Russia
61. Akathist to St. Nicholas of Myra
62. Akathist to Saints Peter and Paul

Again, if there are others you have that you can share,
please let me know.
The librarian in me is loving this project!
It's called "collection development" in the library world.
Thank God for His mercy in giving us such beautiful prayers.
Glory to God for all things!


MaureenE said...

I have one to St. Anna the Prophetess that my godmother wrote. I'd be happy to type it up for you, if you'd like.

elizabeth said...


I would love that Akathist!! and I would send it to a friend whose baby was named after this St. Anna...

can you email me at

Thanks so much for offering!

Is there any akathists that I have that you would like? I am more than happy to share! :)

Thanks again!

Janelle thegeekywife said...

What a lovely collection of akathists!

Thanks for the links too. :)

margaret said...

I will look through my collection tomorrow and see if I have any you haven't listed. I love akathists!

If you come across one to the Life-Giving Spring, will you tell me? I have fragments of it in Greek but I would so like the whole thing in English.

Cristina said...

You can also have a lot of precious akathists in French here:

elizabeth said...

Thanks Margaret! Yes, please do let me know if you have some I do not have! And if you do not have any I have listed on my post, please let me know and I will email them to you!

I have not seen an Akathist to the Mother of God, the Life-giving Spring, BUT it does exist:

If you email the church they may send it to you (this church sent me one before and I have not even sent a card of thanks yet so I should do that before asking them again I think...)!

I found this Akathist which mentions the Theotokos as the life giving spring

but I am unsure if this is a fully Orthodox Akathist or if this matters to you! :) Even this website says it is a 'Western Akathist'...


If I do find it, I will be sure to let you know...

elizabeth said...

Thanks Christina,

Yes, I am not that good in my French yet so I don't think I could translate these, sadly...

and GW- your welcome - glad you like the links! :)

Donna Farley said...

Maureen, I would also like to see that one, as Anna the Prophetess is my patron saint! Has your godmother submitted it for publication?

Elizabeth, you will be glad to hear that Alexandre Press has just accepted Bev. Cooke's Akathist to Mary of Egypt for publication.

elizabeth said...

Mat Donna - wonderful! I will look forward to having this one day... once I get a job I can start a 'liturgcal list' of all the things I wish to get :)

Maureen E said...

Elizabeth--I'll send it off.

Mat. Donna--there was a very small private printing done by the Sisterhood of St. Anna, which meets at our church. But I don't know that it's been printed more widely than that.

Maureen E said...

Oh, forgot--Mat. Donna, if you'd like the Akathist, I'd be glad to send it to you.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Maureen! I have sent Mat Donna a message to be sure she saw the comments you left! :)

See you in the email side of things! :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I've found lots of new ones through your list; thank you !

elizabeth said...

Your welcome Elizabeth! If there are any you do not have, please let me know and I will send them to you! :)

Unknown said...

I'll trade you Joseph the Betrothed for Xenia of St. Petersberg.

Maria said...

Elizabeth, I am collecting akathists also. Do you have yours organized in a table/spreadsheet? I am trying to do that right now but if someone has already done it, I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Just looking at your list, there are a lot more akathists out there. I would love to share, but I need to get them organized first. Are you listing only the ones in English? According to a Russian scholar, there are about 1400 akathists.

elizabeth said...

Hi Maria:

I have not put my Akathists in a table or spreadsheet. I would be happy to share with you and for you to share with me! My blog email address is and I welcome your email!

I am happy to hear of another person who loves Akathists! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Could you tell me where you found the Akathist to Saint Barbara?

elizabeth said...

Hi Patrick, Sorry to say that this is still one I am looking for (see the line above the three that include St. Barbara). If I find it I will let you know. - Elizabeth

Maria said...

Is there an akathist to St. Barbara is English? Have you seen it published somewhere? I can't find it, but there is one in Russian and Serbian.

elizabeth said...

Looked at what you had sent me before Maria... yes, you're right... there is one in English (not online) at St. John of Kronstadt press - see - and look for this: 12.04Ak .. Barbara ................................................ 8 .. 3.30

Fr. Vasile Tudora said...

Do you have an electronic copy of the akathist hymn to Sts Joachim and Anna? Thank you!

Fr. Vasile Tudora said...

Do you have an electronic copy of the akathist hymn to Sts Joachim and Anna? Thank you!

elizabeth said...

Hi Fr. Vasile T:

Father Bless!

Yes, I have one but not with an electronic link. you can email me here at

roosje blog @ yahoo . ca

and I can email it to you.

magda said...

I found an electronic copy of the Akathist to Sts. Joachim and Anna, including music: There's also a version in Russian on that site.

"Meemur" said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
"Meemur" said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
"Meemur" said...

You have a great collection of Akathists! Have you come across an English translation of an Akathist to Sts. Samonas (Shamuna), Gurias (Guriya), and Habib (Abibus), commemorated November 15/28? I've only ever seen one in Russian; I've been looking for this for several years.

elizabeth said...

Hi M.:

I do not have those, my apologies; the most current one I have found online are found here:

"Meemur" said...

Do you happen to have an Akathist to St. Monica, mother of Blessed Augustine?

elizabeth said...

Hi M:

I am sorry to say that I do not have this one.. BUT there is a line that mentions her in this Akathist:

"Rejoice, also, Blessed Augustine, for through the prayers of thy mother
Monica, God turned thee back from the path of perdition!
Rejoice, for thou didst become a wise bishop and great fighter against
heretics! "

I found a nice bit on her here:

and here:

If there is a reason you are thinking of St. Monica that you are wondering if another Saint whose Akathist we do have, feel free to ask here or email me at roosjeblog AT yahoo DOT CA.

Of course a good one for children is:

"Meemur" said...

Thank you for your reply! Not so much in need for intercession for children at this point, more for husband. St. Monica's prayerful persistence with her unbelieving husband is a great inspiration to me.

elizabeth said...


Right. This is a hard one; I can see why you want St. Monica's prayers. You can of course have her icon and pray to her in your own words.

Other Saints that come to mind... St. Xenia of Petersburg prayed for her (departed) husband ...

St. Anna, the Mother of the Theotokos is known for help in relationships;

I was just reading advice for a wife or husband who is wanting a spiritual life and how to not make one's spouse against them in their search in Elder Paisos' book _Family Life_... so it is something (the topic of an unbelieving spouse) is talked about in Orthodoxy...

of course the Mother of God can help greatly...

you may want to look through my list of Akathists on this newer page for ideas of Akathist to pray...

of course there is one there for the Mother of God, softener of evil hearts...

but my instinct is that while this may be a good prayer, one must be vigilant to not think that one's spouse is evil... AND esp. not think that one self is better... this is just not the way of humility as put by many many things I have read in Orthodoxy...

I guess the main thing here is LOVE and to not lose heart in God's mercy.

I find when I am discouraged or in need, I read spiritual books and am encouraged by the many miracles I see in them...

always happy to help ... I am not always the best at immediately responding to messages but if you want more info on something you can, as I mentioned, also email me at roosjeblog AT yahoo DOT CA.

Wishing you and your husband health and salvation!

Peacocks and Sunflowers said...

Our priest often translates the title of the 'Softener of Evil Hearts' as 'hard hearts' or even 'miserable hearts' which may be a less than literal translation - but may be more helpful!

Margaret, it (finally) occurs to me that of all likely sources of an English akathist to the Mother of God the Life-Giving Spring, the Orthodox in Walsingham should be the best bet, as there is a chapel there with that dedication.

The whole Greek akathist is here and other hymns for the feast in English are at

Anonymous person said...

Canon to Saint Varus

The Life of Saint Varus

Saint Varus was a martyr. He is especially called upon for the forgiveness of sins of those of whom who died unbaptized into the Eastern Orthodox Christian Faith.

(Eastern Orthodox being Russian, Greek, Georgian, Antiochean, OCA, ROCOR, and so on. Oriental Orthodox being Coptic, Malankarian, Syrian, Armenian and so on. They Eastern Orthodox Christian Church and the Oriental Orthodox are separate. The Eastern Orthodox Christian Church has the Ecumenical Patriarch. The Oriental Orthodox have a pope. Yes, they call him a pope.)

Because of Communism, devotion to Saint Varus for the forgiveness of family members who died outside of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church sprung up in Russia. The same thing has not happened with the Coptics even though his relics lie in Egypt.

I will soon email you the "Akathist to Martyr Varus, Holy Intercessor for Family Members Who Reposed Outside the Orthodox Faith"

Such is the title, but technically it should be "Eastern Orthodox".

I said soon because I am going to have to copy it out from the 5 dollar pamphlet that I bought.

Please post it on this website!

elizabeth said...

Dear Anonymous Person:

I know what Akathist you are speaking of and it is from St. Paisius Monastery in AZ. I own it as well. But I do not have the permission or blessing to post this online. So while you may email it to me, I will not post it. Please forgive me but I only post what is freely available online, not what a monastery publishes in print form only.

Whoever wishes to have this Akathist can purchase it here:

Thanks for caring and God bless you!

Anonymous person said...

I actually found a link to it online for free here:

Anonymous person said...

There is also this private prayer version of the Canon to Martyr Varus

John fm Greece said...

Dear Elizabeth, I would love if you could share with me the Akathist To the Mother of God Quick to Hear.

elizabeth said...

Hi John fm Greece: this one is only found in print. you can get it here: OR here: Or here:

I hope this helps you!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Do you know if there's an akathist (or a paraklesis, or a canon) to St. Gerasimos?

Anonymous said...

Hello! Do you know if there's an akathist (or a paraklesis, or a canon) to St. Gerasimos?

elizabeth said...

Hi Prophyrios: I don't know about any longer prayers to ST Gerasimos in English (which is the only language I know).... sorry I could not help!

Maria said...

I don't know of any in English, but here are some from my Russian sources:
Gerasimos of Jordan
Gerasimos of Kefallonia (Romanian)
Gerasimos of Vologda
Gerasimos of Zurvias
(Greek, not sure which Gerasimos)

elizabeth said...

Thanks Maria, God bless you.

Unknown said...

Glory to Jesus Christ! I have a lovely icon of St. Thekla and would love to have a copy of the canon to her! It’s #44 on your list.

Jonathan said...

Elizabeth, I have an akathist to the Holy Virgin Mary and Her Icon of Three Hands (written by St John of Damascus (Damascene) after the healing of his right hand which was cut off because of the false accusation of the emperor.)

We say it every Tuesday evening at my church (St Sava Serbian Orthodox Church in Cypress Texas.

Let me know if you would like a copy.

Unknown said...

Good morning.
Christ is risen!!!

God bless you for your works.
My question is do you have an akathist to Sts. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene the wonder workers of Lesvos?
In Christ

elizabeth said...

Good morning George! He is Risen indeed! The Akathist you are asking about is found here, thank God:

Miriam said...

Lord Have Mercy..... I have been visiting your blog a few times now and you certainly have much to share! I am new to Orthodoxy this past Easter 2019 and for many years even prior to that still on a religious path, I wanted a blog for "Anna the Prophetess", especially for those living and praying as Anchorites. So, I have begun this in baby steps since I am new at it.

I too live in Canada although you are in New Jersey now - I did live in Pennsylvania and New York for a time several years ago.

Praying the Akathists is a part of my ongoing prayer life and I have purchased the books. What a beautiful way to learn about Saints while praying to and with them!! I have my favorites as we all do though.

God bless and I will visit again.

Unknown said...

I found:

If someone has the Akathist hymn for st. Barbara, please share it with me:

Reader Philip said...

Dear friends, we are desperate to locate an online Akathist Hymn to the All-glorious Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ.We have Church Slavonic.

Please email to:

God willing you can help us.

Christ is Risen!

Reader Philip
Parish of Holy Prince Vladimir
Our Parish, a member of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR), worships at the Lady Chapel, All Saints Church, All Saints Rd, Cheltenham GL52 2HG
#WeAreOrthodox #мыПравославные

Anonymous said...

To Reader Phillip
I haven't found any online akathist hymns to the Ascension, but you might want to contact Jordanville. They have an akathist to the Ascension in their Book of Akathists, Volume II. Maybe one of the monks could send you a copy. I mean one of the monks could scan a copy of it to you, if you need it urgently.

Miriam said...

Reader Philip: Christos Anesti! I have just emailed you a copy of the Ascension Akathist. We have a 5 hour time difference being that I am in Canada, so I hope you receive it asap with tomorrow being the Ascension! My prayers are with you! I have asked for Akathists too and was blessed to receive them, so I like to pass it along. God bless; take care & keep safe...