Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thoughts about home

This picture, and the one below it,

are at a relatives house in Michigan.


They have lived on the property and fixed it up over the years.

Someday they will have to leave it, as aging is inevitable.

I am in an unknown yet known place.


I do not yet know what my job future is.


Am I moving? If so, where to?

I still have other applications out there

and will be looking for more,

until God opens the door for a position that seems right to take,

whether it is the one I just interviewed for

or another.


Most who read this blog know that

I love icons.

Almost all of my icons I have gotten over the years

that I have lived in Ottawa.

If I move, God willing all my icons will come safely as well.

Ultimately I will be separated from all things,
as either Christ will return or I will die.
But the idea of having my icons with me if I do have to move,
is a comfort.
It is challenging at times emotionally right now
(though overall I am doing alright)
as I do not know what I am preparing for
(to stay, to leave).
I do know that I am to seek to preserve the peace that
God can give us
in the midst of uncertainty.


Donna Witek said...

Re: icons and moving... if you ever find yourself moving to a new place (whether it happens as a result of this latest job interview, or at another time in your life)... I found, when I moved to my current home, my (then new) apartment only felt like "home" once I hung my icons. Definitely plan to take as many with you as you can, and make hanging them a relatively high priority when you are settling in. :)

elizabeth said...

Donna, yes! I will be taking ALL of them with me!!! and it will be one of the very first things I do... I am glad that you understand... yes... it is not like home or with a deep sense of comfort until the icons are up...