Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When the waves overwhelm us, hear our cry O God

So my Mom talked with my Aunt whose house burnt down;
lots of shock and exhaustion still;
the piano is still intact
as in standing
but with 5 fire trucks the possibility of it actually working again
(i.e. water damage)
is really questionable.
Their friends are bringing them coffee and lots of Tim Horton's food;
I told my Mom how I remembered
a woman, who has also since died,
bringing coffee to a house where there was an unexpected death;
this is what we do,
we bring coffee, food, timbits
we call the prayer chains,
we listen...
My Mom talked with someone today who
we know whose wife has
stage 4 brain cancer,
listening to him for a good while
as he described how he has done research to find the
best surgeons for his wife,
just to have her around a little longer;
she has been on my prayer list for some time now...
Heard about the tragedy in BC about a young teen's death -
will be bringing these names to church...
I felt overcome by this one
and I have not even lived in BC for some time...
Lord have mercy.
Two people I know this week have been
unexpectedly laid-off from their jobs.
And on and on it goes;
so much tragedy
so much suffering.
Yesterday was
(old calendar)
the feast of the Elevation of the Cross;
I was at liturgy and heard a beautiful homily
that referenced the Romanian Priest
who was imprisoned in Romania under communism,
going through horrific tortures
and that he wrote that all
is explained in the Cross;
all the suffering, sadness, loss, senseless tragedies,
all are taken into
are given meaning by
the moment of the Crucifixion of our Lord Christ.
That Fr. Dumitru was imprisoned for so long,
my spiritual father assured us,
means that he too was intimately acquainted with the Cross.
May the Holy Cross be our hope and strength
when the waters seem to high,
when the waves overwhelm,
when we are stunned, shocked and in grief,
may the Cross be that which supports,
that which saves us.


Marfa said...
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Marfa said...

Ooops...here I go again.
It sounds like you had a very meaningful and joyous feast to remember the cross! Unfortunately, I worked, but my children were able to go with my mom to Divine Liturgy for the exaltation of the cross. Please keep us updated about your aunt's house...

elizabeth said...

Yes, Marfa I did... it was really beautiful and wonderful to be in church... that is lovely that you children were able to go with your Mom!

Will keep you posted on my Aunt's house, thanks for caring...

Mimi said...

I sometimes just feel overwhelmed with sadness and prayer requests - and then I remember that God is so much bigger than my brain and heart are.

Lord have Mercy.

Prayers for all.