Friday, September 03, 2010

I think the interview went well.
Thank you everyone for your prayers
and comments.
I felt supported; thank you.
Now to prepare for the next interview!

I got the interview schedule for next week...

it is intense.

I will be meeting the head of all the libraries by 8:30 in the morning

and presenting to the library staff by 9 am ...

and that is only the beginning --

the day does not end until 4:15 in the afternoon!


Any advice on how to stay 'cool' for a day of meet and greets

a lunch, interviews and presentation

are welcomed.


In someways the day is so intense that I just laugh and want to

go forward and do it well!


Meanwhile, I will be off to the library to research for my presentation.

Prayers of course welcomed,

including that I will have the physical strength to make it through this week

of preparation

(and a possible second interview in Ottawa

for the job I interviewed for today).


God is our hope and strength...

to Him we must look...


Michelle M. said...

I'm glad it went well! The next interview really does sound intense! Good luck! I am sure you'll do wonderfully.

Pres. Kathy said...

Glad to hear that everything went well! WOW! That next interview is a ling one! I will pray that everything goes well. Just say the Jesus Prayer and that will help you be calm.

Donna Witek said...

I'm so glad the first interview went well! I wanted to leave some encouraging words about the day-long interview next week. I went through the same kind of interview for my current position. The day *is* grueling, but! the main "purpose" of the full day is to get to know you... I know that sounds strangely simple, but it's true. Each new person you meet, is a slightly different scenario, slightly varied questions will be asked, and the search committee will pool everyone's impressions together to help make their decision. This is an encouraging thing for the following reason: ultimately, *how* the day goes, is out of your hands, as long as you show up, and be your lovely self. It's very freeing to realize this, but it's true! I also had to give a presentation (or in my case, a demo instruction session), which I was incredibly nervous about. I still feel to this day it was the weakest part of my interview, but it was still okay enough for them to take a chance on me because they liked my personality and thought I'd serve this student population well. I know you will do GREAT, and really, other than preparing to the best of your ability for the presentation (don't drive yourself nuts though, just prepare, and then set it aside and be at peace with your preparation), and taking steps to make sure you show up on time the day of the interview (lol), everything else about the day is out of your hands. This is such a blessing to realize because, whether you get the job or not, it will be clear to you it was God's will, whatever the outcome, since it was out of your hands. Anyway, I hope my rambling words here are a comfort and encouragement--I'll be praying for you this week! I know you'll do great!

elizabeth said...

Thanks so much Michelle!

Thanks so much for your prayers Pres. Kathy!

Donna - thank you thank you thank you! My presentation will be different than yours topic wise... it is so good to hear your thoughts... this is what I am gathering from others I have talked to as well... they just need to know who I am...

I don't have to worry about showing up on time other than to be in the hotel lobby at 8 am - one of the people on the search committee is going to pick me up! So my interview day will begin with the 30 minute or so car ride!

I really appreciate your thoughts and encouragment, esp. as you have been there! Thanks again!

and THANKS everyone who prayed and or is praying for me!!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

You're in my prayers every day, and will continue to be so :-)