Thursday, September 23, 2010

Losing a house

Thinking of my Aunt and Uncle still today.
Above is my Dad's old chair,
blanket and ladybug pillow done by my Oma.
My Opa (Dutch for Grandpa) made intricate finely done
cross stitch pictures
and wood carvings;
One of the cross stitches that
he made is of the martinitoren in Holland.
He made 9 of them,
one for his wife, my Oma,
and then 8 more
one for each of his children.
Now one of my Opa's martinitoren's is gone.
My Mother and I talked about it today,
and how loss is always a call to pray and seek God;
and that all is dust to dust
that we cannot take anything with us.
But still,
it is a loss.
My Uncle built that house over many years;
the builder of the house has lost his house.
Beautiful wood floors, wood paneling,
old dishes
long wood dining table,
wooden wardrobes
things of beauty...
Beauty is in ashes
and the day of the fire
the fire being at night
another one of my Uncles
who lives out West,
was just visiting his sister and brother-in-law,
took detailed pictures of
every room of the house
to show to Oma, his and my Aunt's Mother.
So on my Uncle's camera are the only
pictures they have of the house
and taken the day it burnt.
The house was beautifully made up for
the pictures.
What a blessing to have
and, pragmatic that I am,
I thought of how good it is to have for insurance purposes.
Now of course my Uncle needs to get those pictures downloaded and printed.
So a small mercy already.
I have been so encouraged by the blog comments and emails
assuring of further prayer for them.
(Thank you!)
Winter will be coming soon where they live
so they have a lot of figuring out to do.
My Uncle especially is struggling with the loss of their house;
their barn and vehicles were spared
which is another blessing.
I am blessed to have them in my life;
I have pictures of them on my bookshelf
that I see everyday.
Pictures that now I need to see about getting reprinted
so that they will have a small record left of past days.
I can't imagine losing the pictures
or the computer,
the list goes on...
the Lord is good to us
and I pray that this event will only further salvation
of all involved.
With Job, who lost all but his wife, and all the Saints,
we can praise God saying,
Glory to God for all things!
Glory to Him in the Highest!
Glory to Him in the Heavens
who has come down
in great humility to save us,
Glory to You O God, Glory to You.


Marfa said... sorry to hear about the house your uncle built and that it burned...but you are so positive! Thank God for all those precious photos!!!

E Helena E said...

Two sobering yet joyous posts. (I am so attached to my flotsam and jetsam). May the Lord provide for your aunt and uncle. Thanks be to Him for their wellbeing!

Athanasia said...

Oh my goodness, dear Elizabeth! I am so sorry to read these two posts about your dear aunt and uncle's loss. I cannot even imagine! True small mercies that they escaped with their lives and wallets (something not to be underestimated!) and with pictures for insurance purposes (a great mercy if you ask me!). May our Holy Mother, whose day of protection fast approaches, pray for them and strengthen them with her prayers.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I am so very sorry to catch up with your blog and read of the loss your Uncle and Aunt have suffered - what a terrible blow for them. I will keep them and you all in my prayers.

Michelle M. said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. I can't imagine what they are going through. They have our prayers.

Molly Sabourin said...

Elizabeth, that is heart breaking!! Your post, however, filled me with hope. Yes, thank God for those photos, and for your Faith in His goodness - it's inspiring.