Thursday, September 30, 2010

Links, my Cat and Various Points of Hope

My printer has been on my table for a few weeks

(other than when I have an impromptu dinner party)

since I am printing not only Akathists

but lots of job related interview prep.


The interview prep is going well,

as in I am learning tons about the field and thus

the position.

I will have the interview in exactly one week.


Meanwhile Cleo is as we speak in her new 'spot' on

the bookshelf.

She is a comfort to me as she is great to give hugs to.


Really liked this post by Fr. Stephen;

neurotic Christians;


Sometimes it is just a good reminder to pull back a bit and breathe.

St. Phanourios;

A lovely Greek lady gave us some

St. Phanourios bread.


It filled me with a sense of joy, of hope.

This Saint, as you may know,

prays for us to find those things we need...

for me this is the need for a job

and for whatever my heart needs

(I need something, just not sure what!!)


It was the best St. Phanourious bread I have ever had;

incredibly light;

the prayer and skill for making this small bread

was not small!

I recently prayed part of the Canon to St. Nina and was hearted
to realize how she prays for those who need
salvation, who need baptism.
On my heart are some deeply loved ones
in my life
who are not yet baptized Christians
and who I deeply wish would come to church and
deepen in their journey towards God in the church
and walk the road of healing towards Christ
that we all pray we are on...
Some incredible links I need to share with you,
in case you have not found them yet:
I find listening to him a comfort
partly because I have always found listening to things
relating to Christ and psychology comforting;
I cannot say I was a fully 'normal' child,
as by my teen years I listened to Focus on the Family
(Protestant Christian psychology based discussions
revolving around supporting the family)
and I was still pretty much a kid myself.
Anyway, Fr. Meletios' podcasts and voice I find to be
a comfort.
Another worthy few links:
Another on Fr. Meletios actually - short and worth reading.
I sent this podcast by Fr. Thomas Hopko to a friend
after listening to it myself -
it encouraged both of us.
Thank God the church has given us practical ways to deal
with ourselves and the struggles we face.
Last link of the day (or at least of this blog post!)
This post by Fr. Stephen about how our life can be with Christ
has been coming back to me in these last days -
how we need to be aware of our real state
and being with God in our helplessness.
With the change in weather to grey
the heaviness of various people's suffering
my own uncertain job situation
and intense interview preparations
it has been a huge struggle for me
as of late.
But yet with God it is not impossible.
Read this saying in a email signature,
which sums it up for me:
with faith in Christ all things are possible... but not easy.


margaret said...

Ahhhhhhhh I like furry hugs.

And that is my favourite icon of St Fanourios.

I must sometime get round to listening to Fr Meletios - I keep finding recordings everywhere and bookmarking them (not good enough!). I think I will start with the ones on s-p's site.

Please give Cleo a hug from me.

Mimi said...

I've never had St. Phanourious bread, what a treat.

And, I always love the Cleo photos.

elizabeth said...

Margaret - Yes, furry hugs are quite restorative, esp. on rainy days.

I love this icon of St. Phanourious too so I stole the jpeg picture of it and made the icon that you see in my post (dollar store frame, very affordable) :) I think I got it off of the OCA website...

Yes, Fr. M W is good; I have not listened to the ones's on S-P site yet; should rectify this... ; I am thinking that Fr. M W is a bit impercise in his use of the words 'mind' and 'heart' but as long as one is aware of this, all is good... now if I can only learn to apply what I am hearing :) There is hope!

Cleo has been hugged.

Mimi -

I am so hoping to get the recipe for that particular St. Phanourious bread - as what I have seen online does not compare -

However, here are some links: