Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Prayer Request

I post this picture as the icons here are
some of my treasured ones.
The Virgin of Pochaiv
blessed last year on the Holy Icon of Pochaiv,
the Blessed Lady Theotokos;
a small icon of St. George which is the first icon I had of St. George
that is from a lovely person in my church
who got the paper print while at Mt. Athos;
the icon of Christ that is a small replica of the one in
my spiritual father's church office;
the big one of my Patron St. Irene, that was in our church basement
at one time;
the one of Dormition that is from Dormition monastery
that I got last Christmas.
I show these as an example of what treasures I would lose
if I lost all my possessions.
My Mother called tonight
which is means something has happened
(I call them daily as I have the good phone plan;
thank God I have parents to call who love me).
My Mom is one of 8 children;
her older sister, my Aunt, who lives in Ontario
in the country a bit in the North,
with her husband, my Uncle,
they lost everything last night
in a fire.
Apparently they were upstairs
smelled smoke
came to the main floor of the house and it was all aflame.
They escaped with a few clothes, my Aunt's purse and Uncle's wallet.
I can't imagine being in the home of your retirement years
(they are upper 60s in age)
all the dishes, all the books, furniture, pictures,
everything is gone.
Please pray for them.
The winter is long in their part of Ontario
and I fear that due to some other circumstances that
they will not be able to have a lot
by way of insurance money.
I know we one day die and part with our belongings
and that detachment is a good thing,
spiritually speaking,
but it is hard to lose all in one night.
And so many things that were made by my Oma,
so many things that made up the memories of their past
and a house that spoke of an assurance for their future.
I am very much like my Aunt,
with many special dishes for teas and dinners.
So if you've known me a while then you understand
a little of what they have lost
(and they had a house, I a small apartment).
Please pray for my Aunt and Uncle;
I pray that as a house once covered them
that now prayer will cover them...
Lord have mercy...


TeresaAngelina said...

I will pray.

leah said...

I'm so sorry. Your family is in our prayers.

DebD said...

that is so sad. I'm praying.

RW said...

I will pray too.

margaret said...

I am praying. I try not to get attached to things but my mother had a tender heart and she would have been devastated at losing old china and books and so on.