Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rest and Remember

This is a special week;

a pause before the gaining momentum of the soon

approaching Great Lent.

I thought in the midst of winter,

I would remind everyone of the season of summer,

which will come again.

Today there was beautiful snow swirling around.

I did not have my camera, sadly.

But we must remember to seek to see the beautiful in today.

Being thankful really helps us out of the winter blues

and the long grey days that winter can bring.

The Lord is with us.
He can make winter a time of growth,
a time when the farmer does not see the seeds spouting;
but the land, in the time of rest and darkness,
is preparing for another Spring, another Summer.
God is with us
and His Lent is coming to continue to heal us.


mamajuliana said...

Thank you...

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

We have buds on the trees, yet smow is forecast for tomorrow.
Lent is imminent, but Pascha is drawing ever closer too :-)

Pres. Kathy said...

Love the pics!

Sarah in Indiana said...

I feel like I am taking a big, deep, breath before I dive into Lent. Looking forward to praying "Be with us, for we have none other help," at Great Compline in just over 2 weeks

elizabeth said...

Yes, thank God for Pascha coming!

Sarah, I feel the same, so very deep breaths before Lent begins!