Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Does the Drama Ever End?

Through FB I heard a rumour of a college faculty strike
where I am to take French
starting this Monday.
I called the school,
was transferred to Public Relations
and voice mail.
Will this strike happen?
I guess they vote on the strike tomorrow...
If it does happen, does it effect my class?
If it does effect my class,
what should I do?
Please pray for me and everyone involved!
I know there is nothing I can do currently -
the strike may not happen
it may not effect my class...
Lord have mercy!


Mary said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I came across your blog when googling to find out info about Resa a few months ago and saw that you wrote (as a comment on someone else's blog) that people in Ottawa were praying. I'm also from Ottawa so that caught my eye. It looks like we have a lot in common, like Orthodoxy... and the cutest cat in Canada named Cleo. Mines actually Cleopatra, but sometimes Cleo for short.

I'm happy I came across your blog and hope our paths will cross more often maybe in the Orthodox community here in Ottawa (I go to the Protection church off Scott Street).

Memory Eternal to Resa!


margaret said...

Am praying. I hope after all the housing problems last year you don't have a college problem this year :(

Ishadara said...

Hi Elizabeth

I know how it is like when something important does not work the way we need it to work...I wonder if there is HIS secret hand behind for a reason He knows is good for us....

Praying for you. Is good to be at (in) Blogsphera!


E Helena E said...

Yes, saw the possibility of this in the news this morning. Am praying.

elizabeth said...

Hi Mary,

You look really familiar! Perhaps I have seen you at some Orthodox gathering here in Ottawa...

Thanks for saying hello!


elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone for your prayers! Really appreciate them !!

Pres. Kathy said...

May God's Will be done!