Saturday, January 23, 2010

We are loved

We must remember that
we are not alone
or abandoned.
God, His Holy Angels, the Mother of God and
His Saints,
have not left us.
The above picture is one of my favourite icons of
St. Herman of Alaska.
St. Herman is the first special Saint I had...
and is still one of my most beloved Father Saints
and Patrons.
(We can have more than one Patron Saint of course!).
My head cold is mainly gone
but am watching it so that I do not get an infection.
Today was brilliantly sunny
I thank God for such a day.


Mimi said...

Thanks be to God indeed :) I am always so uplifted by your posts.

Sarah in Indiana said...

It is good to remember that we are loved, isn't it?

St. Herman is special to me too. (Of course, he is to many Orthodox in America) Our wedding anniversary is the same date as his canonization.

elizabeth said...

Mimi - thanks so much.

Sarah, yes! and how neat! what a special connection with St. Herman.

We are so blessed!

tamie said...

Every time I hear about St. Herman I think about the visit my brother Herman and I took, to Spruce Island...