Sunday, January 17, 2010

The next step in a series of steps

Some verses I have been thinking about:
I sought the Lord and He answered me
and delivered me out of all my fears
In repentance and rest is your salvation
in quietness and trust is your strength

The Lord is merciful and compassionate
abounding in mercy
The Lord knows what we are made of...
I start my French class tomorrow
with the same sense of not knowing at all what it will be like.
Similar to flying to a new country
except that I no longer have the youthful
anticipation for it.
I can tell you that I think taking French for me is going to be like
a very prolonged Lent
in which I must depend on God
work as hard as I can
and scale back activities according to the season.
I may not be able to blog as much,
email friends as much,
or comment on blogs as much.
I certainly am backing off from Facebook more and more
as time goes by.
But it does not mean that I have ceased to love my friends
including those in the blog world.
But for the sake of my working towards a future
that includes a job
and to be true to the diligence that French studies requires,
I will have to do what is needed.
Right now I don't know what will be needed!
That is the hardest part.
I can only anticipate
and find my yellow cards to be ready to create Flashcards,
starting tomorrow,
the Eve of Theophany
(old style).
So please know that if I have commented on your blog
or if you comment here
that I care about your existence.
That I hope to still be here
but that ultimately
are care and love comes from God
and we must all trust God in this.
So with little more dramatic flair,
and with a Kleenex box in hand,
a note book, pen and purse
and some food
I will begin my newest adventure in life.
Going to school with God as my protector
my Guardian Angel I pray near by
and the love and prayers
of the Saints who
are always


Pres. Kathy said...

Father, Niko, and I pray as your start this journey. We wish you all the best!!!

E Helena E said...

A timely and wonderful post and photo! You are in my prayers always. Bon courage! I certainly understand about the "scaling back".

Sarah in Indiana said...

Bonne chance avec la classe!

Mat. Emily said...

I hope that your class goes smoothly! Enjoy Theophany!

elizabeth said...

thank you everyone so much!!