Monday, January 25, 2010

Catch Up Time

Getting used to full time French classes
takes time.
I studied this weekend;
i.e. Saturday
but then found that some tasks
(laundry, dishes)
did not get done.
Today was a rainy day here;
should not be;
it is still winter;
some of the sidewalks were
pure ice with a little water on top.
I was sure I would be late for class;
the feeling of almost falling many times
is NOT fun.
A good cause for prayer though!
It looks like we are getting our normal cold back
and sunshine too
by the later part of the week;
I hope so.
I feel so energized by winter sunshine and blue skies.
My laundry is done and drying now.
My dishes still unwashed.
But I threw away stuff, organized more...
some more breathing room in my small snug apartment.
I am slowly figuring out where to put things...
It takes time!
Since today was a more tired Monday,
I am hoping that tomorrow will be better
and that I can get back into a rhythm for studying French.
I did do some studying today,
but there is so much more I wish to do!
God is good
and is our hope, salvation and support.


RW said...

You will find a rhythm soon.

Hannah and Luke start Italian next week. That should be fun.

E Helena E said...

Yes, I know what you mean about slowing down with deceptive sidewalks! Prayers for no falling and good studying. I struggle with that much more always to do!

mamajuliana said...

Prayers for your 'walking' safety! I am glad the class is going well. I must get to my cleaning and laundry now. Sometimes I wish I had a much smaller living would make life so much simpler!

Mat. Emily said...

I hope that things get easier for you... I am a terrible procrastinator, so I really admire your fortitude with this difficult class!

tamie said...

I think "it takes time" is the theme of this post. You are courageous, my friend, just in small things, and in this I find encouragement.