Monday, January 18, 2010

First day of French Class

French class:
*overheated building
*crush of students
*no computer access (still figuring this out) on campus
*over 30 minute bus ride one way
*need to find quiet places to eat and study
200 Vocab words A DAY
1000 in 6 weeks.
Overwhelmed, excited and tired.
I am in a period of adjusting to all of this
My Orthodox Blog feeds already have 26 unread.
Please know that I will be reading
but if my commenting is not as much,
know that I still care.
Back to vocab cards...
Update: Upon telling my lovely Deacon's wife about the
vocab amount
she quickly said the math was wrong,
sure enough,
1000 vocab words / 6 weeks is 166 words a week
200 a day.
That said, I know I did more than 30 vocab words today...
THANK YOU for your prayers!!


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

TWO HUNDRED vocab words a day??? Do they think you have nothing else to do/study??>>

E Helena E said...

Oh yes, this is all sounding familiar. This is where I took some lib tech courses 6-7 years ago. Hard to find those needed quiet places. Sending you my love and best wishes! Glad as always to have your updates.

Pres. Kathy said...

WOW! Very intense course! I know you can so it with God by your side!

The Snowman said...

Prayers to you...learning a new language is hard but you can do it!

DebD said...

We all have to step back from time to time in our blogging time and we'll understand you're doing what is important.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

That's a pretty intensive course ! Good luck, and my prayers.

margaret said...

Priorities... priorities... we don't mind if you don't read us if you give us updates here :) I'm trying to imagine 200 words a day, I'd be proud of myself if I managed 20.

Anna said...

Phew - 200 words a day would be just inhuman! Good for you for diving in and getting started. I hope you will soon be enjoying unlocking another language. Bon courage!

mamajuliana said...

"Je prierai pour vous! Je ne pouvais pas apprendre 166 mots par jour en anglais et encore moins en français!\nBonne chance. J'espère Cleo sera un partenaire bonne étude!"

(I cheated...I used google...)

RW said...

chin up.
you can do it.
enjoy the opportunity to study full time.

Mimi said...

Good for you! And, no worries, study hard, be good, do well.

thegeekywife said...

Perhaps you could find some audio versions of the vocab and listen to that on the bus rides? Even if it's not the exact words you need to learn, you'll still absorb some of the sounds.

You can do it! Here's a French vocab lesson to get you started... lol. :)

Strawberry = fraise.

Alana said... might be a helpful resource during this time. Or not.

Blessings to you and your efforts. I was a French major in college.