Tuesday, January 19, 2010

French Class - day 2

Today is Theophany (old style).
Blessed Feast!
Hard to believe that we have Theophany after Zacchaeus Sunday.
Let's just say I savour my mint and
chocolate chip ice cream
while I can.
(In modest portions of course).
Today I...
*was 2 minutes late to class, oops. still getting that bus route down
*found some quiet places and feel a bit more oriented
*bought a paperback French/English dictionary by
Merriam-Webster for cheap $$
and they did not have the word
in the French half!!
I looked NUMEROUS times.
was not there.
(It was only there under the English side).
Sœur is one of my new words of the day.
My beloved sœur sent me
a chocolate bar
from Romania with my Romanian friends
and a letter she wrote in English and Romanian!
She and her husband are working hard in learning Romanian.
I am proud of them.
Oh, right about my class and such.
So I made 50 new flashcards
and have 200 more that I wrote the French too
which were words in my book that I will need to know
but that the teacher did not say to learn...
And I think I got my
Être - Je Suis very endings down (for the present indicatif ) today!
I have more français to study now.
THANKS everyone SO much for your encouragement
and thanks Alana for the link to flashcards...
not sure if I will buy it
but will for sure use the site for studying... so Thanks!
I did not know about this site!
I have been using LiveMocha as well,
which various people in the blog world told me of
(Thanks again).
If there are other sites or tips on language learning,
let me know!
I am totally into person-to-person information gathering,
as they say in the library world.
Hope everyone is doing well!
I need to be disciplined for the next hour and a half
and then I hope to read a few blogs before
my small night prayers and bed!
I am so happy (though at times quite overwhelmed)
to be studying French full time.
It is such a blessing.
Oh, about the picture.
Just thought it was cute.
When I was not feeling well this past weekend I shut the blinds
to rest but moved my Icon so Cleo could still see out the window.
Cute, eh?
Oh, and the black books on the book shelf are my
Agatha Christie books.
I have over 80 of them.
I am serious about my Agatha Christie! :)
(A friend found them No Lie for 50 US at an antique shop
in the States for all of them -
mint condition, less than 1.00 a piece. I have almost all of the books that she wrote).
Homework calls...
Oh and the Christmas tree.
Well it was just Theophany today... :)


E Helena E said...

Lovely to have this update! The first day is always the hardest. Margaret will go wild over this Cleo photo! Your new home has such a rich, warm look to it.

Mimi said...

Blessed Theophany indeed! And, I've signed up for Live Mocha, but never used it. I'm glad it is working for you, this reminds me I should get going.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Blessed Feast ! I am glad it is going so well.
I'm amazed about the dictionary......

margaret said...

You know me well, Helena!

Yes, I love the photo of Cleo with the column of light descending on her head. Cleo is one of my favourite people in the blog world so I am always happy when Mme Elizabeth posts photos of her.

I suppose I have to google Live Mocha now too.

Happy Theophany, Elizabeth, we are having our Blessing of Waters on Sunday. Would some kind person pray that I remember to take a vessel to bring some home again for my house? I always forget.

Veiled Glory said...

Is Cleo a Ragdoll? I ask...because from that angle s/he looks exactly like my dear ball of fluff.

elizabeth said...

thanks everyone for your comments - really appreciate them!! They stay with me and really encourage me. Thanks!

V.G. - Cleo is a nonpure breed long haired Himilayan. Tres Belle! (very beautiful). I knew someone that had Ragdolls but have never seen one in person! I bet your's is very lovely!