Saturday, January 16, 2010

Head Colds Always Sound Worse When One is Getting Better

Like the ornament?
One of my school teachers made one for each in the class
when I was a kid.
I sure had some great teachers.
I have been doing some serious resting.
Chicken soup as mentioned.
Tortilla Chips.
Tons of Tea.
Many naps and lots of Agatha Christie books
(I own almost all of them, but that is a post for another day).
I got a ride to vespers and
a good friend took me grocery shopping.
My chicken soup, Kleenex and cookie supplies are now restocked.
I have felt really tired
but have less sinus pain at present
and am praying that
on Monday morning I can
by your prayers and the grace of God
be strong as I start my French studies.
I am thankful that the dinner I ate tonight
I could taste.
Colds can do strange things to taste.
May God have mercy on us all,
whatever our situation is tonight.


Pres. Kathy said...

I love the ornament - what a thoughtful teacher. I am glad you are feeling a little better and even went to vespers. Chicken soup, kleenex, cookies, and rest sound like a perfect remedy. You will be in our prayers tonight so you can feel good for your class Monday.

margaret said...

Getting your sense of taste back is a good sign that it's on its way. I do hope very much it's gone in the morning. I'm missing church today with asthma... cough... cough... coughcoughcoughcough... I am hoping to dispense my inhaler wisely and be able to go to vespers tonight. If they use that incense that smells like soap though I won't last. I couldn't think of any language saints for you so I prayed to Mother Gavrilia, she was famous for not learning languages apart from a touch, a smile, etc ;)

E Helena E said...

Glad you are feeling better!

RW said...

Hope you are feeling better.
Get a ton of sleep Sunday.
Have a great first day of class.