Monday, July 31, 2017

Tea and progress

My Quilting Friend and I had a most LOVELY time at tea.
I will try to do a post with more pictures soon.
It could not have been better!
Foot report:

The doctor said when I don't think I need crutches, 
then I have his blessing not to use it. 
So guess what, I went up our stairs and into the house without them! 
I will still use them sometimes if I start getting in pain 
but the pain the doctor was not worried about.
 The bone looks in place and well. 
I still have to wear the air cast/boot for just under 6 more weeks....
 I DID bring and use both crutches at tea.
But I have walked without them.
And a good friend told me about a 
shoe lift to go on top of my 
other shoe as the 
boot makes it a good bit taller
than my good leg.
So thanks to amazon, I will get that soon!
Tomorrow the plan is
rest, rest and more rest!


Helensmum said...

Sounds lovely!Praise God for dear friends.
So thrilled your ankle has healed in place and the future looks bright.
Warm wishes
Ann Marie

shoreacres said...

What a lovely place to have tea! And what good news about your mobility. Being in charge of when to use crutches and when not surely gives you even more control over things -- a nice feeling, I'm sure, after what you've endured. I'll look forward to the photos you mentioned.

Paula said...

That's such good news!!