Monday, July 10, 2017

Many blessings

Well, what a few days it has been. 
We had some real stress recently, some worries
and then suddenly after asking for prayer on Friday,
and calling my main monastery, 
feeling heavy all day, all of a sudden,
I had this feeling of happiness;
and indeed some things had turned around, I was soon to see.
We are still in the midst of various challenges but 
we are trying to see how to deal with them
and what we can learn about them.
I was telling Mr Husband again how I felt inspired to do more
research on a topic that has stayed with me since about 2009...
when I took that class on the 16th century and did more research on
John Milton... and he challenged / encouraged me to write a 
2 paragraph summary of what I want to research
and I did that today.
I felt so excited about it, finally, an articulation of what
I want to write about.
I still need to edit it but am glad for it.
The music I post below inspired me to get back to it,
and later I realized that much of this choral music is
requiems and prayers for the departed, etc.
But this made sense, as much of my writing for the topic
I am thinking of (and not writing about yet as I need more time),
in ways it is a lament, a mourning of what is lost
and so much is lost today.
But yet so much can be found and still is.
So in the midst of everything, 
these interest come again and I hope to be able to do something about it.
Meanwhile, I must tell you about the visits I had on Sunday.
Two ladies from church;
the first gave me the beautiful tea strainer! 
The second gave me a small plant and the chocolates.
So lovely.
Today I got a beautiful care package from England!
With fabric, bath soap, lovely lovely little cookbooks, a journal
and little St Gianna picture and medal; she is a special Catholic Saint,
very brave, a doctor who gave up her life so her child could live.
Thank you Ann Marie, for such a thoughtful perfect gift.
One thing I can say through this time of illness is that
God has given me such an showering of gifts,
cards and signs of the care of others and thus of God.
I got yarn recently too from a dear friend!
Please continue to pray for us,
we are having so many challenges right now,
but we are praying that by August/September that we can
begin to have more calm and I hope better health and 
general conditions.... 
Meanwhile, here is the music I was referring to:


Helensmamma said...

I'm so glad you received my small package Elizabeth. Please use the fabric when you are well,no hoarding!I'm fortunate I have lovely gift and craft shops locally.
I laughed at myself when I saw the envelope and package,I thought, "o someone with similar handwriting."
I glad things are changing,albeit slowly,I sense good things ahead for you both.
Every best wishes,
Ann Marie

karen said...

so happy that you feel less stressed, I continue to pray that all is well :)

Jennifer Hays said...

I'm glad you're feeling better lately, Elizabeth. It sounds like you're very appreciating all of the blessings in your life. I hope you'll share more about your research on John Milton. When I was in college earning my degree in English, I took several courses in Renaissance-era literature with his work often a major focus. I hope you're feeling well and that things keep looking up. :)

Lisa Richards said...

Thank you so much for all of your encouraging comments on my blog! I've been reading over your posts written in the last couple of months, following the thread backwards to find out what happened with your ankle. So sorry for the long convalescence, but it seems to be working patience and character in you and your husband! :) Your home seems so cozy and full of pleasant projects to keep you busy. I'm inspired to knit, but I think that will probably wait until winter when I'm indoors more. I'm trying not to find excuses to skip exercising outdoors. I'm such a hermit if I allow myself to be. Card and letter writing is sort of a lost art these days. I'm glad to see you're keeping it alive. God bless and prayers for continued healing!

elizabeth said...

thanks again Ann Marie! I sure hope and pray so!!

Karen, thanks!

Jennifer Hay ~ thanks so much! Yes, I am appreciating the blessings! Thanks, my research will not be fully focused on John Milton but will use his time period and others. It's going to be a very long term project, as our life is very much in flux and I can't fully pin point how long the research will take or what time I will have to do it. I am fascinating by this century though and am so glad you are as well! It's a century that was in a lot of change with huge cultural ramifications in later centuries! So neat that you did lots of studying on this! I did too in my under grad days!

Angela said...

You have a beautiful blog! Thank you for the music link! May your weekend be one full of blessings!