Saturday, July 15, 2017

Time passes and we see the blessings....

Picture from last September at the 
monastery in Holland we stayed at. 
I was looking at pictures of the last months today
and seeing pictures of my cast that I don't have any longer,
it made me see how quickly it is going
and that soon at least, God willing, I will be walking again.
I wrote the following reflection after seeing these pictures...
2 weeks, 2 days until I see the doctor again. 
It's wonderful that I no longer have a cast. 
I can walk with crutches if I want to and put my hurt foot down a little bit as I do so. 
Next week is partial weight bearing and 
the week after is FULL weight bearing but with crutches. Then after that, I will see the doctor, who I hope to then not see again....
and have that chapter closed, though I will still need some physical therapy. 
It's been a hard road in many ways. 
I've been blessed with a lot of support in terms of emails, cards, even care packages! 
I've had visitors and help. My Husband has been so valiant,
 I could write a very LONG post just about all the things he did for me and is still doing.
 I can see first hand how hard it would be to never be independent again. 
To not be able to walk or have the ability to prepare one's own breakfast 
or to put just the amount of yogurt one wants with granola. 
Or to make one's own tea. 
Or go to the pantry or cupboard and get a cookie or chocolate, the exact one that is wanted.
 Or to get food on one's own timeline.
 Or be able to take a bath (still waiting for this one myself!) or to go to the CD player in another room, change the CD and turn it on, with the volume where you want it.
 I can see, for instance, how hard it would be to either be ill 
or be elderly and unable to live alone anymore. 
I lived through over 2 months of never having more than an hour
 or so of just being alone in the house. 
In the end, that was one of the hardest things. 
That and having to have everything done by someone else
. I still have a bit of time yet before I can do everything
 but even being able to do a lot of what I used to do before I broke my ankle
 is a real blessing and for that I am so thankful. 
I told my Husband a few weeks ago that I could not wait to just wash dishes, 
standing on two feet....


Rachel said...

Sending prayers for your continued healing! So great to hear that the cast is gone.

Lisa said...

You're getting there, Elizabeth! xoxo

shoreacres said...

It's true that the simplest things can take on such importance: doing dishes, taking a bath -- all of that. I'm still completely independent, but I think every day about the time that is coming when I won't be. At age seventy, that time of dependence is closing in! Blessed are we if we can stand to think about it, and learn some techniques for coping before that time comes. You certainly have been "schooled" in patience and coping -- but independence is coming again!