Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How Much Is Too Much?

I cleaned the counter today.
Washed the dishes.
Made a green salad and a strawberry and banana salad.
I am walking on my crutches and using the 
knee scooter when I need it (Esp for the basket to transport things).
I am still resting... but I keep getting advice,
good advice, to not over do it. 
The thing is I have no idea,
how much is too much.
But I am icing my foot at night.
I seem to be doing well over all.
I am researching new recipes and having fun with that.
I hope to make a simple mainly pre-made
chicken and rice casserole for my husband
with cooked chicken, cream of mushroom soup (organic),
and rice and broccoli.  
It will be the first cooked meal I will have made since
my fall and ankle break on May 10th of this year. 
I am dreaming of sewing, cooking and baking.
My quilting friend comes DV tomorrow.
She and her Husband are moving to CA at the end of this month.
Tomorrow will be the second to last time I see her before she moves.
I will really miss her.
But, this is part of life and with God,
it will be OK, 
and I have hope for better and to stay in touch,
of course, even though it will not be the same...
May God help us all,
in every struggle...


Lisa Richards said...

Progress! Enjoy doing what you can. It will all come with time.

Helensmamma said...

Too much too soon is when the injury is naggingly painful at bedtime(voice of bitter experience after a broken heel).

Be well Elizabeth,
Ann Marie