Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Challenges, part of life...

I had such a good visit with my quilting friend today!
She is moving soon to the West Coast. 
I am really going to miss her.
We hope to have tea in NYC before she leaves,
soon I will be able to do this!
We had such good tea, vegan chocolate and take out for lunch!
It was fun to visit with her!
So, some new challenges have arisen for us.
I can't write about them here yet,
but one we are able to fix soon and the other,
well, we will see what happens.
My foot still is continuing to heal.
I have been so very grateful for all the love, 
support, prayers, cards and care packages I have 
received! Such blessings!!!
Please do pray for my 'unbloggable' prayer request. 
God is with us and that is what matters.
I have been watching this short video again today,
it's so beautiful. 

This one encouraged me years ago in Ottawa
and I am appreciating it again now.

I've watched this video a few times now
it's really beautiful and encouraging. 
There are so many of us who are in such difficulties. 

But God IS with us and will help us.
Lord have mercy on us small ones! 


Tracy said...

Hi, Elizabeth! So good to catch up with you... to see how my you are doing, lovely treats, things to look forward to, etc. :) It does my heart good to know you are surrounded by such care and extra comforts. :). I'm so sorry fornthe extra challenges you and ypur husband are facing right now. Many, many prayer coming your way and for God'd great care and mercy upon you... I'm a little late visiting. My own husband has had time off work, and we have been enjoying some days out, time pottering in the garden, and basically living outdoors i. The fine summer we are having--blessing abound this season. :) Be taking good care, my firend, and God Bless you!! ((BIG HUGS))

Emmie said...

I am very sorry for your struggles. I am praying for you. Although we have never met in person, you are dear. You are like a beacon of faithfulness. Thank you.

Elizabethd said...

Always so comforting to see an old friend.
Prayers for your unspoken needs.

Lisa Richards said...

What a yummy looking meal you shared with your friend! I am praying for your unbloggable prayer request. Isn't it wonderful that God is always in the loop? I was wondering...what do you do with all of those beautiful knitted washcloths? Sell them? Give them away? It looks like such a great project for a beginner like myself. I bet you can knit them up pretty fast! Have a great day!

elizabeth said...

Lisa, I mainly give the wash cloths away, but if I need some, I keep what I need. :)

karen said...

wow! you've made quite the pile of washcloths. You haven't been idle with your foot healing have you? I keep hoping and praying you'll be out and about soon.