Tuesday, July 18, 2017



Yesterday I journaled about how tired I felt
and realized that it is the tired that you feel when you 
are almost done with a part of a great difficulty...
which was encouraging and also realistic to realize....
So today my physical therapist came, probably for the last time,
as I will need to do out patient later for the actual ankle, 
and I now know how to go down the stairs using 1 crutch
and was actually OUTSIDE, briefly, today!!!!
So DV this weekend I can go to my local church for services!!! 
So you can imagine that I am pretty excited about that.
I can tell I have lost stamina and it will take some time
to recover, but with rest built into the day
and realistic goals, it will be wonderful, 
to get out again...
Tomorrow I plan on doing some real resting, as today
was busy and I need those intervals of rest...
We still have a real unbloggable concern
though and welcome all and any prayers
(thank God it is not something health related FYI).
I was looking through the cookbook I pictured above today
and it's fun with lots of ideas but also
I noticed a bit expensive for the ingredients.
Fun to get new ideas though and her writing is pretty clear.
I got the book at a library book sale, which is a fun
and affordable way to get books! :)
I've been looking through a few of my tea cookbooks,
thinking of new ideas to bake once I am back,
literally, on my feet!
My Husband was so excited at the idea of me 
being back in the kitchen cooking again!
Me too....


Rosemary said...

So glad to hear your healing in progressing, and continued prayers!

shoreacres said...

I can feel your excitement, even from here. And I agree about the Barefoot Contessa -- it can be a little pricey to make some of her recipes. But many can be adjusted, and even if I ignore about half of the recipes, there still are some fine ideas.

I suspect at this point even making your own cup of tea and getting your own teacake will be plenty exciting.

Pom Pom said...

Prayers for continued mending! Did YOU tell me about Hidden Rainbows? I loved it!

Elizabethd said...

What a relief it will be for you to get out of the house and start to do 'normal' things again. Take it slowly!

Lilly's Mom said...

So happy to hear your recovery is going well. I'm sure you will be excited to resume somewhat of your normal routine. I love Ina Garden's book but some ingredients can be tricky. I buy most of my shopping needs at my Persian or Middle East markets. The spices are so inexpensive there as are the veggies and other staples. You might want to check it out in your area. Take care dear Elizabeth, Pat xx

Helensmum said...

I stand in awe of your resilience and fortitude during this trial. Both of you are In my prayers Elizabeth,

Warm wishes,

Ann Marie