Thursday, July 20, 2017

Quiet and Rest

Well, this morning my leg was saying
So I rested, used ice and within an hour or so, I was MUCH better.
So I guess I over did it yesterday!
I felt fine so it was hard to tell.
I rested lots today and am doing fine now.
I had so much fun looking at more of my cookbooks! 
It's going to be a question of what to bake first! 
So DV we have groceries coming on Saturday and 
grass-fed ground lamb was on sale;
Mr Husband said I could stock up on it 
(it freezes well! and we saved about 12.00 total on it!)
and I am so excited to make Elie's lamb + lentil dish again!!!
We are hoping to have a staycation later, when I am better,
and I am thinking this would be a really fun thing to enjoy during that time....
I am excited for baking again.... so many things to make,
cookies, cakes, bars... 
maybe I will have some new things for Christmas! :)
Meanwhile, I had a simple dinner
of baked beans with bacon, baked potato with salted pop corn.
I know, the green veggies were missing, but well,
I'll do better again soon!
Today was rest and take it easy day! :)
Anyway, Mr Husband is on his way home,
so I will sign off for now!
Oh, wanted to mention though that my quilting friend ended up 
not being able to come today, but we talked
2x on the phone + video chat and so we still had our visit! :)
So that was really nice too!


Lisa said...

Elizabeth, I am being a buttinski, but - if you're going to make a cheesecake after being laid up for so long, make an easy one; make this one!

Fewer ingredients, a smaller size, not too sweet - just perfect!! (IMHO as they say). Of course, it's best if you get the 7" springform pan. But oh - try it! That chocolate topping is thick and terrific - it's great! I also made it once with one of those expensive logs of goat cheese when it was half price. Healthy food!

elizabeth said...

Hi Lisa,

what a fun recipe, thanks!!!

I won't be making the cheesecake one for a while, will do something simpler first!! I am all for new recipes though and thanks for sharing yours!!

I have been looking through piles of my cookbooks, enjoying reading recipes, tidbits and cooking advice... I am not sure what I will bake first, when I can walk again that is, but I will take your advice and not do cheesecake first!!! :)


Tracy said...

Glad you are doing OK, Elizabeth... Slow and steady, right ;) LOVELY cookbooks! The Fika book has a great cover. We have a similar approach to coffee break here in Norway too, sometimes called kaffekos--coffee cozy. It's all about hygge... haha! I'm a tea person mostly. But it's all about coffee here. What a treat--grass-fed ground lamb. Hope you'll share what you cook with that. Be taking good care there... God Bless you! ((HUGS))

karen said...

I'm trusting you are listening to your body and pacing yourself as you heal! onward and upward (YAY!)

Elizabethd said...

Don't do too much too soon!

Paula said...

I'm glad to hear you listened to your body and got lots of rest. I hope you are feeling better today. I'm taking a 'rest' day today because I've had enough heat.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hello Elizabeth, it's good to read you are back on your feet again (hooray!) and learning to pace yourself till you get stronger and back to normal again. All the food mentioned in your past couple of posts sure sounds delicious. I'm feeling inspired to look at recipes! You and your husband continue to be in my prayers.

Lisa Richards said...

I like to have lunches like that sometimes (beans and baked potato). I also like to get in my fruits with a smoothie in the morning and my greens by eating a large salad for supper. I'm not all that healthy in my eating, but I'm trying to make some changes. Glad you're able to do more and that you're taking care of yourself! :)

Nancy said...

It's nice to see you start getting back into doing the things you love.