Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday, vespers and reflections on a precious friendship

It was so very good to go back to vespers for the
first time since May 7th!
Mr Husband and I enjoyed having meals together
plus tea, cookies and a real treat of 
strawberries and vanilla ice cream! 
I made a simple origami cat for the Munchkin's weekly card,
he is overseas for the summer again, which is a great
place for him... 
Mr Husband and I went back to the diner and I
had a not-as-healthy meal choice of pancakes, eggs and steak.
I only ate 2/3 of 1 of the pancakes though and only a small portion
of the steak; boy did those eggs taste good!
I think I was craving more protein and carbs because it 
is still a lot of effort for me to be out walking on crutches. 
But it felt actually more exciting to be out this time
then last; I think it was a bit easier for me, 
my leg was not hurting so bad. 
I am really hoping to get back to sewing and things soon...
I was very glad to realize today that my right leg muscle
has gotten a bit stronger, still has a bit to catch up with my 
good left leg, but I have gained....
I am really going to miss my quilting friend who is 
leaving for CA on Tuesday morning early.
We shared a lot in the last 3 years, 
she was my one friend who could come over 
regularly during the week, 
we had so many nice times of tea and lunch together.
She took me to buy everything I would need to begin sewing 
and quilting; she and helped me
pick the fabric for my goddaughter's quilt.
Her words were to the effect of making sure 
we did not get colours that would swear at each other :) 
When the Munchkin's Dad died 2 years ago, she was 
there for me, that's when I (it as already planned),
bought the fabric and other things (notions) for 
sewing; the sewing machine I got via amazon, 
it's the same machine she has.
Whenever I had sewing woes, I could call her and she 
would go to her machine (since they are the same) and
help me troubleshoot. 
Whenever I look at my pantry and see tea, chocolate or other
goodies, I think of my quilting-friend and that we should
have 'this or that' from the pantry for our next lunch,
and then I realize, oh yeah, she's leaving :(...
But she is leaving me richer than when she came;
I know how to sew, have many crafting sewing dreams,
we often did crafts together, we canned apple sauce together, 
made Christmas Chai tea for at least 2 times,
we shared a lot of life and ups and downs that we knew the other
was going through.  
She visited me whenever she could when I broke my ankle
and we had some really nice times together
and some really yummy take out food.
I know there is no one in my life who can replace her,
but I do hope that I can find friends who I can 
have over for tea and cookies or for lunch....
It won't be the same, of course, because each person
is unique, gloriously so and we shared so many
things in common, from love of books, beauty,
tea, sewing, yarn crafts, Christians faith,
a love of chocolate and an appreciation for
what is good and beautiful.
Hopefully we will, as planned, go for one last
special tea time in NYC on Monday mid-afternoon.
I already checked with the place about 
having crutches and that will work;
it would be nice if I was told Monday morning,
when I go to the doctor, that I no longer needed
the boot or crutches but don't know what the actual 
outcome will be.
Meanwhile, tomorrow is a day I hope to spend
with Mr Husband,
first at church, then lunch and rest,
and a quiet day at home.
These are some of my most favourite of days. 


Eileen said...

Your church is beautiful! Having been raised Catholic, I have a thing for beautiful churches /cathedrals. My son in Chicago took me on a tour of the Orthodox churches and I was in awe!
Glad you are getting out, it is good for the soul to get out when one has been forced to a non-weight bearing convalescence period. The outdoors always has helped my mental health and I have found this broken extremity mishap is as much a mental battle as a bone healing experience.
Will continue to keep you in thoughts and prayers, have a peaceful and joyful week. You will be sewing , cooking and doing all things this broken ankle has put on hold so very soon!

Pom Pom said...

Aw, you are a good friend. She'll miss you, too!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Eileen!!

PomPom, yes, she has said so!