Friday, July 28, 2017

Peaceful evening, day...

I learned how to do some simple origami today
and used them to decorate cards I made.
(The red puppy dog card is for a 4 year old FYI) :)
I find after sitting for a while doing cards,
I need to move as my foot will start hurting,
often where I have the old crush injury,
not where the new injury is.
Today we got some better news regarding our
unbloggable situation and I know it's because of many 
people's prayers and I do thank you here who have
been praying! 
I go back to the doctor this Monday
and DV have a tea date with my dear quilting friend
who is moving to CA the very next day.
It will be hard to see her go, but she and her valiant husband
are building their life and making good decisions....
Cleo and I have been hanging out at home a lot;
Mr Husband often worked late this week,
it was unavoidable, and was not able to work from
home this week, so Cleo and I would have tea together;
she knows (on Milk days that is) when I have milk on the table
and I admit to having a saucer just for her so I can give her 
tiny bits of milk, which I bless with a quick Cross before 
I give it to her.  Cleo is an Orthodox Cat. :)
It's funny, with all of the people who helped me earlier when
I was on bed rest and then the unbloggable stress we had,
I feel like I did not really have any real rest until yesterday
and a bit today.... 
And I can tell that I need rest; 
bed rest is not real rest; it's an intensive healing time 
and for me it was a very extroverted time.
Now, I can tell I need rest....
it's so important and our society does not know how
to really provide it;
I think true rest only comes from God... 


Lilly's Mom said...

I'm happy to hear things are getting better. I like that Cleo is an Orthodox cat; how cute. My Orthodox friends used to get their pets blessed each year by the priest. Enjoy your weekend dear friend. Pat xx

Helensmum said...

Our family jack Russell Terrier Frank(after St.Francis) is also a Catholic dog!He has a medal stitched on his collar.
So pleased the stress is easing- I recognise the need for deep rest,which indeed comes from God

Very warm wishes
Ann Marie

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Peacefulness is a blessing. Much love and many prayers for you all.

elizabeth said...

thanks everyone!!!
Pat ~ Cleo gets blessed with Holy Water each Theophany when we have our home blessed! :)