Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Yarn Along: Blue and Yellow for Baby

I've been patiently knitting squares.

I get a few done each ride to our far away church.

Blues and Yellows for a Baby Boy
for a new mother who I care for's baby boy! 
The boy is due God willing in
the next few months.
Mr. Husband estimates that I need a 5th more squares,
which I think means 5x what I have now.
That sound about right.
I have to get busy on this blanket!
I loved my bigger (twin sized bed) 
many coloured blanket and thought 
I would make baby blankets the same way...
with some improvisation and changes of course,
as that is the joy of creating!
Ravelry here.
Those who know me and who read my blog
may have figured out that I love the newly sainted
He is a Saint that teaches us so gently how to love
and relate to others.
I am slowly reading the book on him called
and it is not only teaching me with love
but showing me what love can look like. 

I am so thankful for such uplifting and truly encouraging reading!
What are you reading and creating??
Yarn Along with us!


GretchenJoanna said...

hmmm...well, a fifth and 5x are very different! You better ask your husband for more clarification so you don't spend a lot of time making way more squares than you need.

I had already forgotten about Elder Porphyrios being Saint Porphyrios now - and I probably read about it on your blog in November. I still haven't read Wounded by Love, but I want to!

Mimi said...

It looks lovely! How exciting to be preparing for a new baby in your social circle :)

Paula said...

The blanket is coming along nicely. I wish I had babies to knit for, though I much prefer pink knitting :) How are the socks coming along for Mr. Husband?

elizabeth said...

Thanks G-J; my husband helped me here; I have a 5th or 6th of what I need; I need about 5x more squares! :) I finished another one today and cast on a yellow one! :)

Thanks Mimi! yes, it is exciting!

Paula, thanks!! oh the sock is HARD. my goodness. I totally messed up the ribbing... but I have not given up... too bad we do not live closer! I'd ask to come over for tea and a sock lesson :)

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

What a terrific project for the commute to and home from church...I always bring my knitting bag along with me on Sundays (we drive 40 min. each way to church) and enjoy knitting while my dear husband drives. Hope you are able to finish up your project before the baby arrives. Yes, Lord willing! :)

Anna said...

I can see I'm going to have to join Ravelry! I have just such a blanket to prepare as well...

elizabeth said...

Thanks Lisa!! Yes, it is nice to be able to knit on the Sunday drives! :)

Anna, nice! when you join, do add me! :)

Paula said...

Elizabeth, that would be so cool if you could come over for an afternoon of knitting. You can email me if you want. It's hard to describe knitting but I'll try if you get stuck.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Paula; I know; it would be nice! :) I am not sure when I will get time to work on the sock again but if I am able to, will let you know and/or blog about! if we were to email do you want to do via email or did you mean Raverly email?

Matushka Anna said...

What a cozy blanket that will be! <3

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

He will be a very lucky baby boy! Glad you are enjoying the book about St Elder Porphyrios - I really liked it!