Monday, March 17, 2014

{Lenten Reading} ~ three books to consider

I am doing work for my far away church for their
small bookstore and library.
I wrote on three books that would be
three possibilities for Lenten/spiritual reading that 
we have in stock at our small store.
Below are the three books and the small reviews I wrote
to recommend them.
May God bless our Lent with the fruit He so desires of us!

This book, written by Matushka Constantina Palmer, who lived for 5 years in Greece and spent a significant amount of time at some woman's monasteries. This book contains lessons she learned from the nuns and her time there.  It is a delightfully easy book to read and one that I found to be very encouraging.  I think we can forget that our Saviour Jesus Christ teaches us how to live the Christian life in love. This book is a very kind and loving as it teaches and inspires us how we too can live as Christians.  Wonderful and inspiring Lenten reading! When I read it I found I could not put it down! 

The beginning publisher’s blurb for this book says: “The life of a princess is not all glamour, handsome princes, and beautiful clothes. It is also devotion to duty, sacrifice for your people, and a lot of just plain hard work.”  Royal Monastic is a well done biography on Princess Ileana of Romania, who later became Mother Alexandra, the founder of Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania.  This book shows how through many trials and sufferings, God can still be with us and bring beauty and goodness in to our lives, bringing salvation and blessings to us and to many surrounding us.

One of my friends said this book transformed his life. I have talked with parents who said that reading this book, including the chapter on the upbringing of children, changed their approach to parenting completely.  Elder Porphyrios is now Saint Porphyrios and his gentle words, his humility and deep compassion for those who sought his help, along with his deep and abiding faithfulness to the Orthodox Church, make this book wonderful spiritual reading to encourage and instruct us.  I cannot praise this book and Elder Porphyrios enough! God is wonderful in His Saints! 

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Sara said...

Thank you for the recommendations. I have read the first one about a year ago and found it very interesting. I was just beginning to look into what Orthodox Christianity is all about at the time. So different from anything I was familiar with in my previous decades as a Christian. The other two books here I know I would enjoy reading and I have put them on my list. Thank you again.