Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Knitting while traveling to and fro

Still working on my 

As I have written before, I knit
while driving to church...
so thought I would show two pictures I took
this weekend of the evening vigil service
on Saturday.

We are all going towards the Cross right now
but I listened to a homily yesterday that 
was so encouraging,
that Christ's glory is streaming from the Cross,
that we can be strengthened in our difficulties... 

I love this spot with St. Nicholas' icon...
and it is wonderful to have such a beautiful church 
to drive to while knitting...
So here's more pictures of how this blanket is going:

I did various blue squares...
still have to weave in the ends...

  Wanted to show you a snapshot of the wonderful
bag I am now using to keep this project in!
I won this wonderful bag 
from Wanda's Reinventing Mother's new endeavour: 
These bags are gorgeous, durable, lightweight and seriously
a cinch to use!
I was not surprised in the least that Wanda is selling these bags,
called drawstrings
at her newly opened Etsy store,
CinchIt and through her blog...
I am so excited for her!
She is offering the knitting world (and beyond) a wonderful
set of bags that are not only beautiful but work really well!
The bags I used before for knitting did not close at all and 
I was always worried about losing things.
Now I just put my beloved 
blanket squares in the bag, 

and Cinch it!

Perfect for knitting, quick stowing, a real
grab and go!
Cinch it closed and I am off... :)

Keeping it simple is one of my knitting goals and 
having my yarn, the squares and scissors in 
this bag is a real delight!

And since it is a cloth bag,
I just put it in my much used red purse and I am good to go!
And, as you can see from the pile above,
I am slowly accruing more knitted squares for this blanket!
So reading...
I am on a real Madeline L'Engle re-reading kick right now.
I think my favourite book of her's, at least of her YA fiction,
is her book, the Young Unicorns.

NYC, mystery, beauty, music and 
really good writing.
I am loving it all over again.
So tell me,
what are you reading and creating?
Yarn Along with us!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

That bag is amazing, and so incredibly practical!

Reinventing Mother said...

You are such a dear!!!!! I never expected all the accolades! Bless you sweet friend and thank you!

The button is now fixed!!!! A thank you to my friend who "dreams" in code.

elizabeth said...

Elizabeth, it really IS amazing! I just LOVE IT!

and to you Wanda, my goodness, I could write More! :) If I love something, I am not afraid to say it! and who would not want to show off such a great bag! :)

Lisa said...

I love the bag!