Monday, March 10, 2014

When things are difficult, I listen to this


Be kind, for everyone you meet
is fighting a hard battle.
I have often written here of struggles in my life.
But there are some that just cannot be written but
are just as real.
Grief and facing reality can be hard.
Years ago when I was working in the corporate world,
I would often listen to Ancient Faith Radio.
That Lent of 2009 I was working in my small
library that I was in charge of.
Things were going badly and before that Lent was over,
my job was also over;
I can see God's mercy in all of it;
later I read about toxic job environments; for reasons
outside of the control of those I worked with and for,
the job I was in was just that: toxic.
So things were in shambles on so many levels
back then; everything I was working towards was
crumbling ~ my job, a friendship I had valued,
some people were sick with illnesses that at the time
were rocking my world into shards.
It was very difficult.
But in the midst of that trying time,
I remember while I was shelving some books,
I listened to this song by
but it is worth repeating:
the grief of the sisters of their brother Lazarus
and the sense of struggle towards actual
hope, actual Resurrection,
it all was heard suddenly as I 
was shelving the books,
listening to this song
and the joy found in it...
It says it all to me:
it is the struggle to Rejoice 
in the midst of great tragedy, 
in midst of broken lives, of facing sickness, death.
When things are difficult,
I listen to this and am helped.


Sarah in Indiana said...

This is one if my very favorite hymns. Holy Week is my favorite week of the year and I love starting it off with this beautiful, moving, and joyful hymn. We sing it on Lazarus Saturday, of course, and during our procession on Palm Sunday. It is such a wonderful foreshadowing of the joy of Pascha to come.

elizabeth said...

Sarah: so nice that we share a love of this hymn! Holy Week is my favourite week too!!!

Sara said...

Thank you for sharing this; it is new to me.