Thursday, March 20, 2014

{Lenten Reading} ~ One of my favourite Lenten books...

I seem to remember Deb writing about this book
some years ago.

I am pretty sure I read this book in about year 2007 or so.
When I was in my white walled apartment with
the kitchen with white cupboards, black and white tile,
with a small area for my prayer corner...
That was a special place,
where I remember my calendar Icon of St. John of Kronstadt 
was lit by my clay lampada, 
my Bible and prayer books on a white dresser 
below it, a shelf with my icons with tea light candles
and a desk with other beautiful prayerful things.
This is a small and gentle book
but it opened Lent to me in a real and new way.
I read a few pages of it recently and see why I loved it so much.
It is so clear; simple, with a directness that rings 
truth without being abrasive or making one feel like a 
heel that should just go hide in a corner.
No: instead it invites one to get out of that corner
and seek God and see that heaven is Christ
and that to live in heaven begins now.
It helps one begin with seeing things as they are,
what we are in need of healing of,
and that our Heavenly Father calls us to Lent,
to fasting, to repentance, for our healing.
The book indeed to me is like
a call from our Heavenly Father to His love.

I have gotten a few more icons over the years;
but I do find that those first icons, that make the 
inner corner of this prayer corner,
are still most dear and treasured
and that this early book I read on Lent is still
one of the best ones for me to read.
I highly recommend it.


Christie R said...

"heaven is Christ
and that to live in heaven begins now"

Wow . . . just wow. <3

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Keeping you in my prayers as we travel through Lent!