Saturday, March 08, 2014

Lent Week One ... Towards Week Two...

The beginning of Lent,
with the beautiful 
being done in 4 parts at church in the evening,
had me using the Light Rail to go to church
three out of the four nights.
Our schedules were thrown off a bit and 
by midweek I blogged about some real discouragement
that I was facing.
I could not even manage to light our lampadas
and had a single 4 day candle burning instead...

I was able to light candles which I did,
candle after candle for some dear friends facing
sickness or other trials. 

It was not till Friday that I got the lampadas lit again.

I can only thank God for His mercy and ask His blessing 
for a fruitful Lent;
we must struggle but He will provide the increase.
And in His mercy I pray that even the small things 
we seek to do will be blessed.
Even though this week began with difficulty,
I am a bit more alert to the fact that Lent is for
our healing and that it is God's love that is calling us
to this time...
I hope to be writing a bit on some books 
that I am reading or re-reading for Lent.
I will be hoping to share that with you
in our Lenten Journey!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

It's been a week beset by struggle here too. Lent is *hard*.

We fall, we get back up.....

GretchenJoanna said...

As we sing at the end of the Canon of St. Andrew, "God is with us!" and He is victorious. I love the pictures of your icons.