Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday ~ Icons, Blessings and Beauty found there in

My far away church 
blesses icons at the end of the liturgy 
on the first official Sunday of Great Lent,
called the Sunday of Orthodoxy 
because of the final victory against 
the long struggle to affirm Christ's incarnation 
and the theology that upholds icons as 
being a needed part of the church ~ 
{Christ is the image of the Father made manifest,
so now images of Christ and of His life, His Mother 
and the many Martyrs and other Saints of the church,
are part of the visible church, the cloud of witnesses
that are with us in our Christian journey}~
It was a beautiful service 
and wonderful to get icons blessed.
All the icons there were so beautiful!
Mr. Husband and I are exhausted from
lack of sleep and the time change but were gladdened 
by our time at church.
Sadly my icon of St. Anna,
 that you can see in the second picture,
I damaged when I was putting the icons I had blessed away;
it was still in the small canvas bag I had all the icons in
when the bag fell off the couch and the glass in 
the picture frame cracked.
So that was disappointing. 
Not sure when/how to get that glass replaced as it
is an unusually shaped frame that we got second hand.
So St. Anna is back on my icon shelf with the cracked glass.
Thankfully it did not shatter and there were no shards on the rug 
where it fell.
And so begins Week 2 of Lent.
Exhausted but hopeful of Christ's mercy... 


GretchenJoanna said...

It was really wonderful to celebrate yesterday! We had a procession around the church, and then a group photo, with everyone holding icons of their own or from the church. And after the first week of Lent, followed by the time change - eek! - I was also quite spent, and slept 10 hours last night.
I love seeing your icons and feeling the unity across the miles as I read about your church. May God strengthen you!

MamaBirdEmma said...

I would take the frame to a frame shop. They can probably get some glass cut to the measurements that you need.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

The icons look so beautiful like that. I am so sorry your St 's glass was damaged - I am certain any picture framing shop would be able to cut new glass for it.