Thursday, March 08, 2012

Thursday 2nd week of Lent

 My job keeps getting
better and better.
It is such a relief...
Now that I am a few days into it,
I am glad for it;
I hope it continues to go well.
I am glad also that it is
a temporary job
and that I am gearing up for
a move later this year.
Orthoman and I are still figuring out
when we are doing what.
Wanted to mention this book
merely because I wanted record of it.
A Grace Disguised: How the soul grows through loss
I have not read this newer version
but when the woman who was my first
(and only officially considered)
spiritual mother
(I saw how she was this years after I lost her)
died and I was in the middle of
one of my greatest times of devestating grief
I found this book in my
University Library
and it really helped me.
Not because I remember it giving me advice
but reading the story of another's loss
and how he remained a Christian
and how he suffered through it
was of great help.
Someday I would like to get a copy of this...
Lent is a hard time for many
or for all of us.
This past weekend was especially hard for me;
I feel like I am in the calm in the middle of a storm
and I wish I could stay in the calm
I keep thinking of the monastics I know
and how they have really grown
and have really deepened in
prayer and in remaining calm and at peace.
I have a long way to go
but knowing that others have gone
this way before
gives me hope.


E Helena E said...

Yay for the job! That is a blessing. I am noting this book also. Yes, the path of others gives much hope and encouragement.
Love to you!

Molly Sabourin said...

So much continued peace to you, dear Elizabeth! Thank you for the book recommendation!

Peacocks and Sunflowers said...

Wishing you strength and hope in the midst of the storm. I love your lamp with the old-fashioned glass chimney!

Mimi said...

What a blessing on the job indeed. Beautiful reflection.