Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday, 5th week of Lent

Praying to God that
we can stay on the Ladder.
Many people read this book again during Lent;
I read over half last summer;
am thinking of making this the book to finish
this summer and take with me
along with the marriage books.
Read some good quotes this morning;
one in book
the art of prayer
two in the readings for the day
The Bible and the Holy Fathers for Orthodox:
 Daily Scripture Readings and Commentary for Orthodox Christians
that I have been borrowing for months
from my church library.
Have not bought it as Orthoman has a copy.
With all the transition,
the insomnia,
the new job
and life in general
I am just getting back into routines again.
I really want to read more of St. Theophan
whose writings and letters make up
much of the book
the art of prayer
which by the way is only part of a larger book
written in Russian.
We so need to get more translated into English,
these books that translate into words of life
for us.
Reminded of humility,
of remembering God and doing everything
in the light of God's presence and of
seeing oneself as one in great need of repentance.
I hope to talk to my spiritual father about
my questions of art, life direction and how to go forward
into the new life I am heading towards.
It is so easy to get lost in the woods
in all of this
and I know I need guidance.
Reading for the day from Genesis,
of Abraham giving up his son Issac
to be sacrificed.
Thought of those worried about sons
and of my smaller junctures of dreams
that need to be given to God
so that life can be given to me
through the Lamb of God
our Sweet Saviour Christ.
Lord help us as
we go about the many things in our day
to do it all remembering You
and that we do it all in
Your presence,
under Your watchful
wise and loving eye.

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Mimi said...

I think in many ways Lent is a time to get into routines - to learn the internal rhythm of our heart that yearns for God, and how to feed it.

Prayers. Pray for me.