Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Some fun pictures for today.
Cleo the Cute Cat.


Looking, always looking...
Work went well overall today.
Feel in-between things.
Trying to be thankful
and to pray.


mamajuliana said...

Cute Cleo is right! How is Cleo taking all the changes? Our kitty does not like it when things change-even if we are just moving furniture around. How is Cleo taking the packing up of books and other moving/marital preparations?

Janelle thegeekywife said...

I was wondering the same things as Mama J! Sara can't snuggle me on my stomach until I'm healed (long time) and she is not happy with me.

elizabeth said...

Cleo's doing pretty well - I give her some good Cleo time when I am home. But she feels it, esp. when my schedule changes. The books moving is not as bad but she will feel it more when I actually move. My goal is to make this as painless for her and myself as possible. It's a really big change...