Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday in Late Lent

A scarf I wear a lot.
With my fun brown suit coat
that I got secondhand a few years ago...

My delightfully clean coffee table.
A newly gotten favourite Cleo picture.
These are some fun things of today.
Still had bad insomnia.
Work was very understanding about me
needing to work a bit less right now
with all that is going on.
I was so impressed that they
care so much about the human person.
Orthoman and I laughed tonight
and we planned my May trip down South.
He comes in about 15 days.


Donna Witek said...

Yay for caring employers who care about the whole person,as you put it. I experienced something similar this weekend into today: My cold has not gone away, and on Friday my boss told me that if it was still around on Sunday, to call her cell phone to let her know so I could take a sick day today (Monday) and she would cover for me--so great, huh? So that's what I did. And then today she emailed me from work to ask how I was feeling and said I could take it easy tomorrow too if need be--I am going to try to go in tomorrow though, as I have things to do that I need my office computer for. She was just so understanding though and just wanted to see me get over the cold. What blessings!

Janelle thegeekywife said...

Yay Cleo! This is my favourite Cleo photo ever.

I pray you will get restful sleep tonight. Is stress causing your insomnia, or is an underlying condition causing it? Just curious; you certainly don't have to answer!