Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What season is it again?

It sure feels like Christmas today
for me!
I got word that my month long contract will
be extended!
They know I am getting married
and are open to me traveling
and then working again
(rinse and repeat)
and I can have the contract for longer!
They just got the good news today!
Still have a cold;
using lots of Kleenex...
I am missing my Orthoman
but glad for technology to keep
in contact with him.
This weekend is
the Sunday of the Cross.
I have the honour of
getting roses for the Cross.
May God take us through Lent
and help us bear fruit...


E Helena E said...

I'm very happy for you, for these blessings! Get well soon.

Donna Witek said...

1) Yay for your job contract continuing with so much flexibility! I sense you have a very good employer, in that they are caring and take personal circumstances into consideration (in a good way) when managing their employees--this is always very refreshing!

2) Re: tech and keeping in touch w/ your Orthoman: do you guys use Skype together? For my husband and I, when we were dating then engaged, we lived two hours apart and could only see each other on weekends--and I know you and your Orthoman see each other (in person) less often than that right now. Skype kept us sane throughout the work week. Paul had never used it before, and I had only used it a few times, but it's very easy to pick up and soooo worth it. Just wanted to share the tip :)

elizabeth said...

Thanks E-H!!

Donna - I know!! so great about my employer!! it is a total 'God thing'!

My Orthoman use Google video chat very regularly (Google's version of Skype). Between email, cell and other phones and video chat, it really helps a lot! :) I always am glad for your tips! :)

Anastasia said...

I am sooo happy for you my dear friend!!! Glory to God!!!!! Continuing praying for your speedy recovery too!!! {{HUGS}}

Anna said...

Well, an unusual Lent, in a good way! I'm very glad for this good news for you, not least that your employer sounds supportive as well as keen to keep you on :)

The development of tech-support for distance relationships (of many kinds) is so interesting. I remember the days when email was it - and it was new! Just a quicker version of writing letters. Now I have friends in various places who make virtuous noises about the 'artificiality' of using technology to keep up a friendship, but they have to admit, when we do meet in person it's so much easier - and probably more relaxed and more interesting - because we've been in touch in between. So hurra for Skype & co, I say :)

Mimi said...

You're getting married? How did I not know that? Congratulations!!!!! I am so excited!

Yay on the job!